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  1. Hello fellow Canadian Collectors. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing CGC would come back to the Calgary Expo. Shipping our books to Florida is a pain and expensive. I have so many books I would have sent in by now for grading or reholdering if it were not for the barrier of mailing them to the states. CGC you have come to Calgary Expo in the past. Please come again this year! CBCS shows up every year and I've been forced to use them on occasion but I want my books in CGC cases. Fellow Canadians, please "sign" this petition/comment. I'm hoping we can get their attention.
  2. CGC used to come to conventions in Canada. I used them every time they came to Calgary Expo. At the very least come back to the conventions!
  3. This is a pie in the sky wish, but I'm sure I speak for all Canucks when I suggest this. It would be awesome if CGC had an office in Canada (I suggest Calgary). This location would not have to be for grading comics (although that would be incredible), but rather a central shipping location for Canadians. It is so much more expensive to ship comics to the states. I know that the "competition" does this. To submit to the alternative in Canada you can send it to their office in Canada and then it gets shipped off from there. Another thing that could be done, is reholders in Canada. Reholders require no graders! I have many books that I would love to get reholdered, but the shipping costs are just too much to make it worth while. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. To recap: 1. Please get a location in Canada that we can ship to. 2. Even better, do reholders at this location. Fellow Canadians please support this!
  4. no love for sir Percy or the ebony blade? I am willing to bargain. PM me!
  5. p.s. if Gerald York is reading this, I'll give you a great deal to get your book back ;)
  6. I'm selling my copy of Black Knight #1 CGC 3.0 off-white pages. Sales of this book are few and far between due to its scarcity. Two most recent sales in January were a 5.5 which sold for $6600 and a 1.5 that sold for $1950. In light of the recent cgc 3.5 sale of $3075 I have reduced my price. I'll let this one go for $3300 $2900 USD shipped via fedex to the states, or Canada Post in Canada. I accept paypal or if you're in canada etransfer. I'll consider reasonable offers. No returns First trumps any back room negotiations that haven't concluded.
  7. Doctor Strange label please! There are so many ST110s out there crying for this! It would maybe start to think about reconciling the lack of the good doctor on the cover....
  8. Question to all the collectors out there. Maybe this has been hashed out before but couldn't find it. Point me in the right direction if you know where I should look. I've been collecting for a long time (before CGC was a thing). It seems to me, that the utter disdain and devaluing of restored books didn't exist to the same degree before CGC. Of course, restored books in the same condition as unrestored books have always been less valuable, but they didn't used to be as undesirable as they are now. My question is, did that purple label devalue restored comics more than it should have? People just seem to really hate getting the purple label books (maybe cuz they don't match their other slabbed books?) I don't mind restored books and sometimes target them to get a good deal. I personally like how....gulp.... CBCS does it instead. They label the book restored but don't have a different color label. For example, I just purchased a Showcase 22 CGC 4.5 restored for about the same price as a 1.0-1.5 goes for. It has slight color touch, and the top right of the cover is trimmed. But it looks amazing and I have a book that presents really well for much much cheaper. Thoughts???
  9. Up for grabs is Strange Tales 126, CGC 9.2 OW/w pages. $5200 $4700 USD shipped via fedex signature required This book ships from Canada and I prefer selling to fellow Canadians. We can deal in CAD if need be. I will accept paypal and etransfer (if in canada). I'll accept returns only if the book is not as described (which it will be). Feel free to PM offers, however first trumps any backroom negotiations. No low ball offers please. I'm not desperate to sell this as it's pretty hard to find in high grade. Grader Notes Right Top Front Cover Small Crease Breaks Color Top Interior Cover Tanning
  10. ComicConnect - STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110 - CGC VF: 8.0 $11,501. Somebody got a steal of a deal IMO....
  11. There's a 8.0 SS up for auction on comic connect ComicConnect - STRANGE TALES (1951-76) #110 - CGC VF: 8.0 I'm pretty interested in this one as I also have an 8.0 SS. Any guesses where it'll land in this current climate? Not many signature series in higher grade.
  12. Was happy to procure this one! Had it on my radar for years! All Fawcett Captain Marvel are undervalued IMO.
  13. Here are my Strange Tales.... I really like the pre hero stuff and should get into picking up more of those.
  14. Hey boardies, Looking for an opinion on this. I'm thinking of downgrading my copy of ST126 but not sure what to ask for it. Last sale of 9.2 was a year ago at $3495. A 9.0 sold in May for $3500 so this is definitely on the rise (with Clea's cameo in the movie and all). Graders notes on this (which are now free!!!) note the small crease top right hand side and interior cover tanning. Let me know what you think the FMV is for this!
  15. It went for $19,002. Pretty close to 20K ;) Comic Link :: The Online Vintage Comic Book and Comic Art Auction and Exchange
  16. There's an 8.0 on comiclink I'm gonna say $20,000 Comic Link :: The Online Vintage Comic Book and Comic Art Auction and Exchange
  17. I saw Rintrah in there!!! Who would have thought we'd see that day!
  18. So do I get some sort of award for being the closest to call it? Perhaps a slow clap?
  19. That's a beautiful raw copy. I say don't put it in a coffin unless you are going to sell it! That way you get to see the splash page.
  20. I'm gonna go halfway and say 25K. It's hard to get a benchmark on higher grade copies of this book as recorded sales are few and far between due to the rarity.