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  1. Ian. Just discovered your back. We exchanged comic info years ago. Don't know if remember me. Great accomplishment btw, good for you. Question: When did you start collecting comics? Around what year?
  2. From a recent thread... On the television show LOST Mystery Tales #40 can be seen in one episode. [/img] [/img]
  3. Recent addition... On the TV show BONE you can see Green lantern #33 on one episode. Comic looks to be a prop because back add is different.
  4. I wonder why the background was draped? [/img] Right side starting with the top going down. Captain Marvel Adventure #79, Batman #43, and Joe Palooka #15. [/img] [/img] [/img] Below Jow Palooka is PICTURE STORIES FROM THE BIBLE #2. Sorry no picture. To the left of Batman #43 is WOW #61 [/img] Archie Comics #29 down below that. [/img] Below Archie is The Gumps #5 [/img] Back at top left is All American Comics #91 [/img] Bottom Right is International Comics #5 [/img] Only one that I can not figure out. Maybe someone else can figure out what it is.
  5. [/img] The only one I can figure out is at the lower right corner. Thats a John Wayne #8. [/img]
  6. [/img] This guy is reading ADVENTURE BOOK OF NATURE #1 a MARK TRAIL comic. [/img] Tom & Jerry Comics #170 down in the rack. [/img] and below Tom & Jerry is WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #216 [/img]
  7. After looking this photo over for a while now. I find one thing strange about the comics hanging by clothpins. Everything ine the room has a glare for either outside light or a flash. I suspect flash. But the comics hanging don't show any sign of a flash glare or reflection from outside light. The photo has the most clearest sharpmest I've seen in a old photo. I can litterly unlarge and read the labels on the cigar boxes. A amazing photo. Never seen such clarity in an old photo like this before. but the hanging comics sure are suspect. I down know why anyone would spend time to do it though.
  8. They are in individual hanging folders in the file cabinets. Each comic in its Mylar or polybag.
  9. Thanks for the kind words all. Building model kits is one of my favorite hobbies next to comic collecting. What did you all think of my way of storing comics. Good? Bad? Any suggestions?
  10. http://www.youtube.com/user/monstermodelreview I have a room full of file cabinets. Each cabinet has comics in it. Each comic is within a hanging folder. These are all comics original bought off the shelf. You can see a bit of my comic room in the attached link above. The link is to the MONSTER MODEL REVIEW, another hobby of mine. Check it out and see some of what I have built. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking. Ken (MC)
  11. How come no BLUEWATER COMICS are ever listed? The Ray Harryhausen Presnts are some of the best stories out right now.
  12. 20,000 Probably more. Its just a small collection.
  13. He's holding a IRON MAN Here is what is in the rack that I can figure out so far. Don't know the numbers though, just titles. Top roll: ROM, Alpha Flight, Avengers?, . 2nd roll down: The New Mutants,CONAN, Metamophro, ?, ?. 3rd roll down: Annual of some kind, KING-SIZE annual of some kind, ASM, , ASM. 4th roll down: Deadstar Annual, Thor, ROM, , . 5th roll down: , Captain America, ROM, 6th roll down: , , . 7th last roll: ASM, Great find. Didn't even remember this scene and I've watched this movie several time.
  14. On the television show YES, DEAR the grandpa (actor Tim Conway) collects comics, and dresses as Superman sometimes. Comics are shown once in a while. Also action figures. I remember seeing a old PLASTIC MAN comic on one episode.
  15. BUMBING UP! Need info on a show call SPACED.
  16. On the game show TO TELL THE TRUTH , Stan Lee appears as one of the guests. Several MARVEL comics are shown during the segment. ASM, FF, Cap, Avengers.
  17. Per recent thread... AIRPLANE 2 has a scene were a spinner rack is shown. On the rack HOUSE OF MYSTERY #299 is shown.