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  1. This week I was going through some of my old VHS video collection and came across something sort of related to DENNIS the MENACE. Found a tape where JAY NORTH guest starred on the old 70's show SCREAMIN' YELLOW THEATER with host SVENGOOLIE. Thats the original Svengoolie, Jerry G. Bishop, Chicago horror show host. JAY does some comedy bits with Sven as himself, but one bit he's doing DENNIS. Which was kind of wierd since Jay is much older when this show was shown. I even noticed he signed Sven's guest book Jay (Dennis the Menace) North at the beginning of the show. Well after seeing this it got me wondering if Jay North ever did other shows doing the Dennis character? If he did, wouldn't he be breaking some kind of copyright laws? Or is it ok for Jay North to do the character because he played the part on television. Just wondering.
  2. You might want to add this flaw... Over in MODERN; thread titled Fantastic Four #526, its about crease along spine and wrinkled edges.
  3. DC should do some ARCHIVE issues on these early DETECTIVE & ADVENTURE. Seems to be a lot of interest in the pre-hero stuff.
  4. Thats actually my book that Jeff posted. Jeff posts my scans for me. He also posts some of his own. I can see why people get his scans confused thinking some of them are his when they are actually mine. Its just I don't have the knack of posting scans. Plus I have problems with AOL scan posting. Jeff has does a great job posting scans for me. Its never been a bother for him to post them. He's pretty cool about it all. So I'll see if I can get some scans of the inside pages posted soon of the DENNIS THE MENACE TAKES A POKE AT POISON BTW; thats the only DENNIS comic I own right now. I sold all I had a long time ago. QUESTION; Isn't DENNIS THE MENACE used by Dairy Queen?
  5. Here's a few little known facts... Hank Kechum personally picked Jay North to be DENNIS THE MENACE for the TV role. Did you know Jay North was also the voice of Bamm-Bamm on the Flintstones for a time. My contribution to this great thread.
  6. I had Dennis The Menace. A whole bunch of funny comics and sold them all. Now I wish I didn't. I think the only Dennis comic I have now is one of those promo books, DENNIS TAKES A POKE AT POISON. Would you care to add it to this thread?
  7. I have B&B #154 in NM. I can scan but not post scans here. Anyone want to host this? Let me know what email address to send to.
  8. How bout STONE AGE then we would cover everything before golden age.
  9. Then why leave out alternate cover designs there were proposed. There are issues that never made it to print. Those could be included to. Sound like openning a can of worms to me. I personnely don't give a hoot about ashcans or any of the above. Never was interested in them. They exist but do they really need to be considered?
  10. Jeff you been holdin' out. Those are some nice books there. Didn't know you had um. Ya gotta show some more. All of um on this thread are great. Even Bok Choy.
  11. I'll say George A. Pflaum Publishing mainly because I collect TREASURE CHEST COMICS. They were something different for me to read other then the superhero books. I liked the sport stories and the adventure/mystery stories. CHUCK WHITE stories were always pretty good. And I always like the artwork in the comics.
  12. How about the JUSTICE LEAGUE mini comics that BUGER KING was giving away last year. Got those?
  13. I just want to be there when another 9.4 or higher turns up. I just want to see thier jaw hit the floor. I tend to believe there are other high grades out there that haven't been uncovered as of yet.
  14. This book reminded me of those old teen flicks from the early 60's. UNTAMED YOUTH SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL Great drive-in stuff. I don't think I actually watched any of the movies. Too busy in the back seat, if you know what I mean.
  15. I'd use the money to protect my collection. Have a bunch CGC graded and buy a lot of mylars and backing boards.
  16. No single book started any age. All the ages are seperate by a chain of events.
  17. How can anyone forget one of the most important topics... the FANTASTIC FOUR #4 scuz mark topic.
  18. There's been some wild scams caught on eBay since the Board. I remember the one with the guy selling books graded 9.5 . A lot of good info comes up around here. Tape debates. Display debates. Modern comic paper debates. You name it, its been talked about. This is a great board to find out stuff about comics.
  19. Mcgowan, I use file cabnits like you. Except my books are in mylars and then in hanging folders with no pressure on them. Mine have been grading quite high. I suggest you ease off the pressure on yours.
  20. I'll never understand why people don't SUPER SIZE pictures in their auctions. Especially in these big sellers. What! Afraid to spend another buck to super size? Just one of those things that just ticks me off about some sellers.
  21. I'd say by next year at this time a 9.4 Giant-Size X-Men #1 will be selling close to $4000. Its the most popular comic with the modern age comic collectors. Very much in demand. Even though there is more of these slabbed then X-Men #1 at the higher grade level, they are still hard to come by. Just not enough nice copies to go around. I don't think it will ever reach the price level of the original X-Men #1, but I believe it will be considered as one of the higher priced books. Mainly because its a very important key issue. The movie helped in the demand for this book and the cartoon show also. The next X-Men movie can only help the demand even more.
  22. A while back on AMC's Biography, they had about Nicholas Cage. it showed how he was influanced by comics and told about him buying comics at a early age. I wonder if he has any of those comics that he had as a kid. Those would be the ones I'd be interested in buying. Not the ones he bought afterwords.
  23. How did you post without logging in? It won't let me do that! Mid grade silver age is fine by me. The mint stuff is so out of my price range I have to go with the mid grade stuff now. Lucky for me I started collecting comics way back when the prices were low.