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  1. Thanks for the complements on the cabinets and room. I really appreciate that. Right now I'm painting the next cabinet for all my Batman comics. I don't like to display comic for fear of fading. Comics that you see framed on my walls are actually copies of actual books I own. I get a lot of people that like them too. I've been told they look like actual books in frames. But the cabinets really are the eye catcher. Gotten some pretty famous people that have seen them and they all have told me they look great. I may be doing some for a couple of celebs. Again thanks for the complements.
  2. Just seen the movie PAUL. Its about 2 guys from England that come to the U.S. and go to the San Degio Comic Con. Lots of stuff about comics in this movie. After they go to the con they find a alien in the desert escaping from Area 51. Pretty funny movie worth seeing. If you plan to see it watch for the comic book store scene.
  3. I love the use of the SHOCKED ROBIN IN THE CORNER in some of these videos. I wish I had a nickel for every time I see that. So happy I started that old thread. There's some pretty good collections out there. Nice way to get to see some.
  4. EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND has Ray going to a comicbook store. The actor who plays Pee Wee Herman is the one running the store.
  5. Can't wait for the Signature Series signing.
  6. Great report. You mentioned everything that I figured. Now how about someone doing a report on fading. To prove to everyone that displays there comics in the light that its destroying them. We need a special spot for these kind of threads.
  7. I refuse to have a custom title.
  8. Frame a scan on photopaper. They look great. Why chance ruining a good book in a CGC case.
  9. Adding ZONE TROOPERS to this. A 1985 Sci-fi movie about U.S. Army fighting Hitler and his Nazi's. Some space aliens get involved in the battle when their spaceship lands in the battlefield. At the end of the movie a comic is shown. The comic is FANTASTIC FICTION with a 25 cent cover price on it. Cover shows a battle scene with U.S. Army, Nazi's, & aliens battling. I believe the comic is a movie prop. I couldn't find anything on Fantastic Fiction.
  10. Also Batman related. Here's what was in the newspapers at the time.
  11. I'm not lost. Just travelin' through time. Right now I'm in the future.
  12. A part of my B&B collcetion which includes #28.
  13. In the SPIRIT movie you see him reading a issue of Vault Of Horror.
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  15. From the movie Boxcar Bertha. David Carradine reading a Sub-Mariner comic.
  16. Thanks for posting those Bill. Ken (MC)
  17. Ian, found it. Thanks! I found it harder putting collections together back then also. If you didn't know the comic existed, it may be years before you would know about it. What was the best lead you ever got? Any surprises? Any comic or series that really stands out. Something you didn't know about that turned up.