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  1. He's just an awesome artist. Totally unique style. I could look at his stuff all day. I pretty much revere him the same as Wolverton.
  2. OK, not just speculation and strong suspicion. DEFINITELY confirmed. This poltroon who was thebatman1993 on ebay now goes by the handle of comicsncoins. BEWARE & BE WARNED.
  3. Does anyone remember the fool thebatman1993? He's mentioned multiple times in this thread. His MO as regards his dealings with me was to make offers on books, when accepted he would not pay...but then proceed to contact me with lame excuses and still professing love for the book and a desperate need to own it. Needless to say he never delivered on his promises. When a few weeks went buy he would start up all over again on a different book. I blocked him of course. Last night I was contacted by a potential buyer which reminded me straight away of him. I agreed a price and then radio silence. I am pretty sure it's the same guy, now going by the handle on ebay of comicsncoins. His ebay profile pic also happens to be of Batman.. Certain it's the same fool. This tool must literally have no life if this is how he gets his kicks...either that or he gets off on irritating Brits like me. I'm guessing his mother's his sister and possibly his wife. Complete and utter numpty. Would love to meet this fool.
  4. Some wonderful Foxy pulps arrived. I think this first one is probably my all-time favourite MF cover....maybe.
  5. Some nice Foxes just in. I suppose MF is an acquired taste for some but I truly love his work.
  6. Just got some Foxy books in. I really dig MF as an artist. Just wonderful work. His style reminds me of our very own Matthew (shiverbones) who is also an amazing artist!
  7. These just arrived. I think the FFM is a really cleverly done cover.