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  1. Got the last piece in for my little Infinite Crisis Gallery. A really nice Batman splash. View them all here: Infinite Gallery You can also see a nice McNiven Civil War Page showing Spidey getting knocked around... Thanks for looking!
  2. Just got a few more pages in from Issue #4 of Infinite Crisis. Have a few more on the way... Infinite Crisis pages
  3. A might thanks goes to Captains of Industry for a wonderful private transaction
  4. A really cool DPS by Ivan Reis featuring Supergirl, Starfire, the Green Lantern Corps...and the potential end of the know universe just over their shoulders!! Infinite Crisis #4 pages 28-29
  5. Supergirl + Topless + Benes = My Haul this week Supergirl #6 Pages 4 and 8
  6. Got a whole bunch o' Ms. Marvels (new) along with a couple o' Finch's here and there... new stuff
  7. Another from the 'Bay: Pin-Up most likely used for the Marvel Universe Handbook or for a Marvel House ad. A beautiful Dazzler by John Romita Sr. & inked by Johnny Jr.! Dazzler If anyone with issue 3 of "OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (1983-1984)" could help me verify i would appreciate it...
  8. Straight from the front lines! The latest from Civil War #2, Pages 5 and 6 by Steve McNiven and Dexter Vines... Civil War #2
  9. Got a couple of New Avengers "Ms. Marvel Specials" by Mike Deodato through a transaction via CAF.... Link to new art on CAF site
  10. If you really wanted it, he had it up on CAF for a week prior.....sorry
  11. The Spider-Man Unlimited pages finally arrived! Complete with a side of cheesecake courtesy of The Black Cat!
  12. Nice Ebay score this weekend. Even nicer that I was able to pick it up during my lunch break today! Avengers 503 pages 20-21 by David Finch and Danny Miki
  13. Could be the inker you are responding to. Art Thibert did the inking for alot of David's Ultimate X-Men run.....
  14. Are these the pages you were in a dispute over? Glad to see you got them. Nope. that other situation is almost over. Everything is fine....