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  1. Of course I don't want to draw attention to what this issue means to me. This wasn't a private collector but a business who has their set prices. Next time I'll announce to all store owners I really, really want a particular issue with the very important key significance.....do you have that and how much is it?
  2. May not be as exciting as some of these stories....Just got back from a recent excursion to Paris (took part at the Paris Motor Show ). I have always mentioned to myself if I ever got a chance to be in Paris, there is only one thing I would look for. My schedule allowed some free time but I didn't really actively search for a bookstore as my overall time was limited and my initial pre-store research didn't turn up anything worth checking out. But as I was taking reference shots for my wife, I noticed a nice cul-de-sac behind me with what looked like an interesting shop. As I got closer, I noticed it was a French antique magazine shop! Jackpot! The place reeked of cigarette smoke and looked dustier than hell but it is exactly what I was looking for. As the owner and I chatted, I had a mental brain fart and stupidly forgot the exact magazine issue I wanted but I had a general idea. Fortunately the shop had the magazine and issues in the year I was looking for! I was able to find 3 dates that seemed great candidates (lack of internet on my smartphone prevented me from zeroing in). For the three issues, he sold them to me for a total of 15 Euros. I bought them and went out for dinner. I was able to get a good internet connection and see if one of the issues I got was the right one. Excitedly I was fortunate enough to hit the nail on the head.... Spirou October 23, 1958! First appearance of the Smurfs - French edition and it was in great shape! The other two issues were the 3rd and 5th appearances although the 5th appearance was a bust as a page near the end was torn out.... Made the whole trip worth the effort!
  3. Adriana Melo - Ms. Marvel artist at one time Maria Benes - Ed Benes's sister
  4. I always bring this up, sorry.. Richard Prince (aka Prince of Thieves) and his Runaway Nurse Series And the original by James Avati (Prince just blew up the paperback novel photographically and painted over a few things) No mention of Avati by Prince when he scored millions for his work
  5. And Now.... The Rest of the Story... (you mean)
  6. A mighty thanks to Michael Lovitz for Part I of a great transaction. Part II will come in about a month ( Gee! Wonder what it could possibly be ) Always looking for Bronze Ms. Marvel pages! Dave Cockrum Ms. Marvel 20 page 22 front and back
  7. With 7 Ms. Marvel pages added (Bronze - Cockrum, Mooney and Modern - Melo/Benes from the great issue #28) with a couple more fantastic aquisitions just down the road! Always looking for Bronze Ms. Marvel pages! Ms. Marvels on CAF
  8. I did this commission for "Dr. Painfree" on CAF ZATANA
  9. Uncanny 493 pages 12 and 13 Billy Tan and Danny Miki X-23 Sweetness!
  10. Finally got the Giant Sized X-Men 1. 8.5. Other than the obvious corner crease, this is a stellar looking book. Also picked up a Ms. Marvel 16 in 9.8...
  11. I prefer the inked over pencil every time. Only a few instances where I have any pencils; Finch sketch, Benes sketch - and both of those I had a copy inked by their usual inker, so I have both pencil and inks. The other instance was the X-23 pages by Mike Choi. I would have liked them to be an inked version, but they're not. I may also have a copy inked at one point as well.
  12. My first post in this section, since I rarely have anything worthy of mention. Took a gamble with a raw bronze key and it turned out alright. I figure it could be an 8.0 maybe an 8.5 (based on previous bronze 8.5's I have) Sorry about the bag glare. Don't want to take it out more than once.
  13. Then there's the attempt to combine Action and "Modern Romance"... Not that there's anything wrong with it
  14. My take on the higher price listings is that most are expecting people to make offers that are lower than your asking price. If the GPA on a book is $100 and you really want to get $100, would you put that amout as the asking price, knowing you'll get numerous offers well below that, or would you put $150 an see if you get closer to the $100 offer or possibly more ?
  15. Heh. he said "tit" heh.. Sorry I couldn't resist
  16. Thanks MutantKeys for a most professional transaction! Unc X-men 165 CGC 9.8 Double Kudos for the Special Freebies! Well done!
  17. Kudos to Cycle Girl for a perfect transaction! Thank You!
  18. I couldn't believe my lowball bid won this nice Jim Lee page! Maybe it's the tight holiday budgets, maybe Albert Moy's prices are a bit high? I don't know. All I do know is that I got it for $500 less than he initially sold it for!!! Allstar Batman & Robin #3 page 8 A nice action sequence featuring the Back Canary!!
  19. Here's a quandary...Glapion did some blue line inks on a couple of pages for Moon Knight #5 Glapion moon knight 5 He claims this was the page actually published. Now the original Finch pencils were actually bluelined inked by Danny Miki but according to Glapion, were not used by marvel. Which would you prefer?