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  1. I've normally been a "modern" collector, getting the new up and coming artists before they hit the "big time" and can't afford their stuff. But occasionally I get lucky and score some stuff from my copper comic readin' days that I can't pass up. One is a vintage Dazzler page that features a dog battling Spider-Woman. The other is probably the only decent Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men page I could ever afford (Unless you like spending 3 C's on a full page of the Superman Logo or just a small portion of Batman's cape :-p )
  2. So where's Megalon, or the Smog Monster! Mothra and those 2 annoying little girls who sang!
  3. Hi guys! Here is the end result of my botched art transaction. I wont go into the full story again, but knowing the full details, it really could've happened to anyone. Basicly I ordered 7 pages of art while 3 of pages were also sold to Mike Hosey (Truth be told, if it was anyone other than Mike, I probably never would have been able to make this transaction). With the sting of my order gone south, I cancelled the rest of my order (refund was agreed by the rep) since I truly wanted the splash page as the centerpiece of the group of pages. My heart wasn't in it as it was initially. The basic deal Mike and I came to was that he would sell me the page if I picked up the tab on the other 2 pages from the deal he received. I was very happy with this, so here it is (Worth every penny of me "whining like a beeyotch") Thanks for everyone's support
  4. mm. now I get the red x here but not on CAF... strange... Ooops, it's back on for me here...
  5. Just got this in today, Ed Benes Superman page featuring Supergirl.....
  6. Whole bunch of Finch's New Avengers this week, 3 DPS's in all, along with a panel page. Finch New Avengers Pages And that Ed Benes Splash as well... Lois vs omac
  7. It cost a good chunk...Just took a while of saving and hoping no one would get it first (which has happened before)....
  8. The Finch I've been waiting for weeks for has finally arrived! You can see it here: David Finch - New Avengers Double pager