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  1. That one is just fantastic. If published that would have been one of my favorite PCH covers! Thanks for sharing Same here. This would have been one of my numero uno radar books!
  2. Thank you! Yeah, opening up a box with almost 50 pre-codes is like a 6 year old experiencing X-Mas morning. Some of the books I seriously forgot were even in there. Here's a few more -
  3. Here's a few more that were in with the batch. Aunt May?
  4. Big congrats! Ironically, #4 is the last one I need, too. Eventually I'll land a copy! I was thinking of you when I saw robots post...still looking. That's very nice of you, Jimmers! No great rush -- the fun is in the hunt for a "just right" copy. Not necc high grade, just nice appeal. +1 And congrats on finishing your run, Robot. Nice book!
  5. Without a doubt, you've got great taste in affordable (relatively) and not nosebleed grades (relatively) that still present terrifically (undoubtably!) Congrats on these great books! Hey, thanks for the compliment! I also have great taste for picking out bottom-of-the-barrel-beaters. The cover on this one appears to have been fried on acid as well.
  6. What a beauty! The Pep is awesome too, but this book gives me a warm fuzzy.
  7. Very nice colors on that Vault #14. Congratulations and good luck with the remaining two.
  8. Corpses that won't stay dead are the worst First time I've ever noticed that the masthead has bat wings! Also the 3 ghost men up in the top right corner. Same here!
  9. I don't know why but this seems to be a semi-popular issue to have. I haven't read it. As well as this one.
  10. Thanks. I haven't read it yet but I did leaf through it and notice it was a serious story - I think that was what cinched it for me! Not really my pond either but it is a very cool book,.. both of them. Congrats!
  11. Awesome books everybody! This thread has sent my WTB Radar into v-fib. Here are a few more books from my layaway batch...
  12. Congrats on your acquisition,.. I love it. And a hot maiden for a 1945 fun cover.
  13. Awesome books, congrats! EDIT: Those are very tight grades as well. I want to go 7.0 on the Shock but that's just judging the front cover.