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  1. HOLY $((*&*&^%^%$##$%$%%!!!!!! Sweet, killer key book. WOW Nice score!
  2. Cap looks like he's shoving that spear up that guy's nose. Well look at that, I hadn't even noticed. Too Funny! You did not mess around with the WWII Cap! Not only will he bust a "Cap" inya, he will shove a spear up your nose! Up your nose and out the back or your heart. Can't get more precise than that! Nice book!
  3. amazing colors Thanks The cover looks better than a 6.0 but on the back the staples are rusty. I was going to say that looks nicer than a 6.0. The colors are really sharp.
  4. Just wow... You have been on a tear lately. Congratulations. WOW
  5. I'm In! Great to see everyone's trophies.
  6. Finally got my scanner upgraded for my new computer so I can post this stuff. Here is my recent buy from my revered LCS, Andy at DvilleBookstore. Thanks buddy Yes,... I am a 129aholic
  7. Agreed, she is a confident spy,... and that is how you survive in that world. Movie,... I don't see it. But I sure wish it would happen. It would definitely be in my collection.
  8. Tremendous eye appeal. Congrats on a great book ! That copy has amazing eye appeal for a 6.5. Congrats!! Sweet, congrats! CGC did hammer that book. That's a gorgeous cover! (thumbs u
  9. I want one of those in a bad way. Me too! That one is pretty.
  10. Blackhawk #189 WOW,... I was trying hard to figure that one out. I didn't even come close.
  11. This will a bit lengthy and un-entertaining. Username: I have ASM 1-700 but my primary collecting focus is 1-129. My 1-129 collection currently fills 3 short boxes and continues to grow, so I have a *spoon* load of dupes because I never flip the lower grades. I would speculate that about 98% of them are pressed and cleaned (if needed) by STRONGUY here on the boards. I only consider my collection to be above average, but there was not enough room in the username field for me to call myself "AboveAverageSpiderMan". Avatar: If memory serves me, Spider-Man is about 5'11" and 161 lbs. I wanted an image to fit my username but appeared superior to ASM's originally designed physical characteristics. I found this image on the net, downloaded, took out the background, gave it a little frame, and BLAM! So, there ya go. HEY EVERYBODY,.. YOU CAN WAKE UP NOW!
  12. Another Spidey 129 hoarder like myself. Very nice
  13. I got one a while back. Great investment. I was able to scan close to 60 slabs in a little over an hour with very minimal post editing needed on the images. If all you're doing is photo editing and not necessarily photo manipulation or image creation, take a look at Adobe Lightroom. It's what I use to make minor adjustments to my scans. You should be able to download a 30 day trial form Adobe to give it a try. It is definitely a much cheaper way to go than Photoshop and it's also a great way to organize images. My current workflow is: 1. Scan using the HP scanner software at 200dpi and scan the full image without cropping (I could crop via the HP software but i'd rather handle that elsewhere). 2. Save as a tiff file to a specific folder. 3. In Lightroom have it monitor and automatically add the images from the specific folder. 4. Make minor adjustments and cropping in Lightroom. 5. Export at whatever size I need the files to be depending on how i'm going to use it. The best part about using Lightroom is the fact that it's non-destructive. It won't make any of the changes directly to the file itself. This way if later i want to make a different change to the file, I won't have to rescan. Normally after I edit a scan I save it under a different name in case I need to go back to the original. I never heard of Lightroom but I'll definitely check it out. Adobe has some good stuff. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Hi all, Noob here with some issues... maybe you guys can help. My old computer (2001 model) using Windows XP Pro crapped out a short time ago. Time to upgrade anyway so I now have a new HP using Windows 7. On my old computer I was using a Canon Canoscan LiDE 50 which produces beautiful scans of raw books but evidently the driver is not compatible with my new OS because of TWAIN issues. Meaning the driver did not install because it is outdated or it just doesn't communicate with my newer OS. I've searched the web and found numerous sources for a driver upgrade but those don't work. I have not read this entire Thread, but I have seen and read many positive things about this HP Scanjet 8250. Maybe time to upgrade the scanner as well. This Thread also seems to be somewhat photo-editor related as well, so I'll throw this in,... My copy of Photoshop 5.0.2 is also not compatible with my new OS. And like the scanner, I have searched the web for upgrades for this version and they do not work as well. I created my Avatar using U-Lead PhotoImpact 7 and an image I downloaded from the net, but I can do better work with Photoshop. I am probably going to answer my own question here, but I was just curious with the feedback. Answer is: Buy an HP Scanjet 8250 so you can create cool scans again, and spend a lot of money on a newer version of Photoshop so you can play again. Thanks in advance.
  15. No doubt I will find this Thread very useful. Thanks for all the hard work.
  16. Greetings everybody, In my childhood I was collecting mainly Archie, Betty and Veronica, Archie and Me, Betty and Veronica, Jug Head, Betty and Veronica, Reggie and Me, Betty and Veronica, Betty and Veronica, Betty and Veronica In 1969 while picking up the latest copy of Betty and Veronica, I saw a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #77... Spidey vs The Lizard on the docks with the Human Torch flying up between them. I thought the cover was so cool I purchased it just for that reason. After reading I was hooked. Because of Spider-Man, I left the world of Betty and Veronica and was introduced to FF, Hulk, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, etc... but I had this special relationship with Spider-Man. My collecting passion/investment today is ASM 1-129, which I have many dupes. But I owe it all to Betty and Veronica for introducing me to puberty. I have monitored this board for over a year and I feel like I already know everyone. I am excited to be a member here and am looking forward to having a lot of fun and a long lasting friendship with all. Did that last paragraph sound corny?
  17. Hey Larime, This book is in my top 5 reads. Keep it going, Brother.