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  1. Thanks! Hey, comicjack, I want that Dynamic 8 in your sig. Here's a couple more from my recent purchase...
  2. Tales from the Crypt 28. Yeah, this cover is bad. In reality the inside of the coffin would be pitch black. This guy is having a really bad time.
  3. Thanks Scrooge! The entire purchase consisted of low to mid grade range books but even the low grades are very presentable. I'll post more of the batch later but here's an example of a really presentable low-grader... The cover on this book is hanging on for dear life - about 1/4" above the top staple to about 1/2" below the top staple. I could blow on it and make it a 3 piece book. Normally I would pass on a book in this condition but this cover is so beautiful, vibrant colors, and cool. And it's really gorgeous in a Mylites2/Fullback, like everything else gets.
  4. Hi everyone. I dropped by my LCS the other day and picked up my layaway which consisted of 35 EC's and 11 misc. Thanks, Andy! Here's a few of them ...
  5. Cool books. That Tracy is wicked funny. I see the filter got me on the title. Check out the likeness of the dude shot in the head in the 2 books that followed... This crop of War Fury #1 is upside down of course
  6. Awesome 1st post, and congrats on your recent acquisition. I don't see this issue that often.
  7. http://comicbookplus.com/?dlid=5283 That was a fun read. Thanks!
  8. can't say I have seen this one before. Nice pick up! I've never seen this one either. Nice score!
  9. And then as an alien and then as an amphibian, and then as an alternate reality transgender clone with club feet and astigmatism. Astigmatism? Now that's pushing things a little too far!
  10. Sometimes I look at the other grades, sometimes not. But I don't let another person's grade influence mine. I'm more interested in what they viewed in the scan because they may have spotted something that I missed (especially the lower grade books) and it saves me from having to go back and edit my post. I see this Forum as more of a collaboration than a contest (unless noted). Many sets of eyes are better than one. Ultimately, the grade I give is the grade that I am comfortable with, or sometimes I'll simply +1 another grader. If I can't determine a grade I feel good about (without influence) then I won't post it. I'll just close the thread and move on to another.
  11. Hey G.A.tor, Do you have a Dynamic Comics 8 in about 6.0 condition you could sell me for a couple hundred bucks? Nice wrap, colors, preferably raw. (thumbs u
  12. Very Nice Both are pretty books but that ASM 2 really presents itself well for a 2.5
  14. Peter You're on a mission. Awesome book I think Peter's mission is to become THE tec god. (thumbs u