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  1. Just finished binging all 4 seasons of Prison Break, and I couldn't agree with this more.
  2. Perhaps we see the introduction of Quasar as well. Having Starhawk from the future, and being Kismet's son as well Quill's father... Should make some great comedy having the Guardians face off against Star Lord's grandmother.
  3. Great idea. I'd pay to see this film. I like this idea, too. But I think it'd make more sense with Peter in college. With him in high school the relationship with Connors makes less sense. Unless they dual enroll him, high school student in some college classes. That'd be a nice twist as well, and very plausible. Fish out of water scenario since he's smart enough to take college courses. and its well establised that Parker is a smartie. PS please note the lack of origin story in my synopsis. Origin would be encapsulated in a few fast shots hitting the high points leading up to the movie title splash leading right into Spidey swinging through Manhattan #NoMoreOrigins #GetToTheGoodStuff (and glad people like the story idea, thanks!) Really liked your idea. One question though, what happens to Lizard after the final battle? Also, you forgot the Stan Lee and Kingpin cameos
  4. Great idea. I'd pay to see this film. I like this idea, too. But I think it'd make more sense with Peter in college. With him in high school the relationship with Connors makes less sense. Unless they dual enroll him, high school student in some college classes.
  5. I'd like to see Norman Osborn introduced. Just no Green Goblin. Could open up for Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts storyline down the way.
  6. I'm thinking the Simon Williams they introduce in this will be Hollywood and not Wonder Man.
  7. YES! Called this the minute I walked out of the theater . Hope this is true.
  8. They said the only comedic bits were in that trailer. I guess those comedic bits tested so well, that they decided to spend a couple of million to add more and change the dark tone. I'm pulling for this to be DC's GotG. Super excited for it.
  9. Wait a minute.... Suicide Squad must be super dark if they have to tone it down. That second trailer was all comedy.
  10. I am one that had problems with editing and story, and it's not because it was hard to follow. The default for finding problems isn't that the person couldn't follow or understand what was going on. Some of the scenes could've been edited better, some could've been removed. Seemed like at one point it was just back to back to back 30 second clips that just didn't flow right. It was too choppy.
  11. I didn't know JT was supposed to be, but I forgot all about BG. Didn't see her at all. I wonder what happened? Also, I may be a but behind, but when rumors got out about Zod being turned into Doomsday, didn't they come out and say that wasn't true? Or Michael Shannon did or something?
  12. I seriously thought Aquaman was going to show up to help somewhere in the final battle. For him only having a 15 second cameo, they sure went wild marketing the toys.
  13. I don't watch many of the animated movies, but recently watched The Dark Knight Returns 1 and 2 and thought those were excellent.
  14. Just got back from seeing this. I can see why critics reviews were low. I enjoyed the film, but it wasn't without problems. The first ~5 minutes about the Wayne shooting was fantastic. I felt like I was watching it right from the comic. After that, up until about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes in felt disjointed and slow. The editing seemed really off the wall. And I really think it could've done without all the Superman hearing and the related scenes with Lex. And Lex's motive...? What was it? All the Batmobile scenes were well done as well as most of the Batman action. The cameos felt so forced after the initial Flash one. I thought the Wonder Woman scenes were great though. Doomsday was well done, but should've had bigger spikes. Didn't anyone else get the feeling they are going to touch on some Injustice in the future? Superman soldiers, Flash warning Batman he was right about Superman, everything about Lois... Overall, I still think Suicide Squad is going to be better.
  15. Hmm... Maybe Peter's father is actually Sylvester Stallone playing himself. I think Stallone's role will probably be much like the Collector. A small appearance by a big name. I know he wouldn't be on set for it necessarily, but I think he could've been a good Cosmo.
  16. I was into collecting games from 2011 up to about 2013. Playstation 1 was the focus of my collection since that was my favorite system growing up. Main reason I got out was I hit a point where I couldn't find anything out at thrift stores, flea markets, etc. Did get a pretty nice collection from yard sales and goodwills. I'll have to post some of the highlights in my collection sometime soon.
  17. What!? No "original" members! Very disappointed. How could they not introduce Vance? What with his Captain America ties. Yes, I know Yondu was an original, but I don't recognize him now. I'm still betting on Starhawk to be Peter's father.
  18. I had really hoped the ending would've been, Might've been a bit more anticlimactic though.
  19. I ended up binge watching this with my fiancee on Wednesday. Watched episodes 7-13 that day. I loved this show. I need 3 more episodes to finish DD. Enjoyed this much more, but I haven't been keeping up on DD so I have only watched maybe 2 episodes in the last month or so. I will definitely go back and watch it straight through in a better timeframe. And Kilgrave was a great villain, up there with my favorite (Deathstroke in Arrow). That is what I like about the Netflix shows, the villains are easy to relate to and you start to feel sorry for them. You really don't get that with the movies.... except maybe Loki. Red Skull, Ultron, Ronan, Malekith, you just could not connect to in the way you can with Kingpin and Kilgrave.
  20. Of course it's not true, his dad is gonna be Starhawk.
  21. Currently watching episode 7 and LOVE this show. I still need about 4 more episodes to finish Daredevil, but I am enjoying this show much more.
  22. I seriously hope Thanos will be in no way related to Peter.
  23. His father is obviously Vance Astro. Starhawk
  24. He was clearly talking about Ronan and trying to say Thanos was Ronan's father seeing how Peter never speaks to Thanos. I mean, you can't blame him for not knowing everything since he just came in to do voice over work.
  25. because they havent learned from MCU, keep it grounded and realistic, as close to the source as possible, and dont cast "name actors" to get people to come, go for acting talent. IMHO Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in Avengers 2 didn't look or feel right for the role. I feel Disney force Marvel to cast Olsen. Comic fans look at Scarlet.W as a babe & often cosplay as sexy witch. I hope Olsen acting skill can prove me wrong as she going to be in many upcoming Marvel flims. I thought she was a babe in the movie