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  1. I don’t see how this doesn’t cause a stagnation going forward for the later printings. Who’s going to throw around that kind of money even for a lower grade copy knowing that the asterisk that was perhaps long bubbling under the surface is now front and center for everyone henceforth? At the very least, if you have a June 2nd version, you should take some of the people in this thread out to a really, really nice dinner!
  2. No joke, consider putting them under your bed even if you need to commission a carpenter to help with some custom cabinetry. There are bedstands online that offer more clearance and sometimes forego a traditional box spring.
  3. In the 70’s, a serious die-hard comic collector could sacrifice and make owning an Action 1 a reality, as it was several times lower in price than an average annual income. Now this example will go for nearly a hundred times the average annual income. That to me is sad. It’s been fully commoditized. Just like the NBA final games or the Super Bowl isn’t necessarily populated with the most rabid fans but rather the richest fans, so too has gone comic collecting.
  4. You have great offerings obviously. Here and elsewhere, it does seem to be a buyer’s market for now. Good luck on the house.
  5. These two are especially awesome! Collectors in the US tend to love the 'glamor girls' on bottles, so that Blue Seal bottle is on our radar too.
  6. No, they're from all over. I have no real affinity for my birth-state. If it's got good graphics, I'm interested.
  7. Here are some phone pics of the bottles on that same shelf that occasionally rotate through. They're fun to hunt for, and quite inexpensive, and it's absolutely crazy how many different brands there were before the national and then global brands came to dominate.
  8. Overwhelmingly, they are strip reprints. On occasion, some of these Platinum Age books collect daily strips which are shown in color for the first time, but more often than not they reprint the Sunday color pages.
  9. I saw a lot of bottles I've never seen - which is unusual - and then I looked and saw that you're in Canada! Now it makes sense. I did recognize that Canadian Kik, so that tipped me off... A lot of your bottles look nice and clean.
  10. I’ve never seen that bottle. It looks like it was probably a paper label instead of the more familiar pyro-glazed or “painted label” (or alternatively ACL for “applied color label”) as seen above. Perhaps it was never made like Victor Fox’s Kooba Kola?
  11. What a really fantastic marketing tool the census is, especially in this nascent phase. I mean, I’m really tempted to send in some late 40’s westerns and other under-the-radar pulps so I can puff up my chest and claim the “highest graded” for a while…
  12. It’s a giveaway, but as Point Five has stated, it’s a children’s book and you’ll see them with a few different large store chains not unlike the later giveaway comics like Buster Brown and Weather Bird.
  13. I had always thought a whole wall full of soda bottles would be a cool display, but it’s difficult when other stuff demands wall space. Most of my bottles sit patiently in sturdy old cardboard beer cases still except for a few bookcase shelves where I rotate various bottles through…
  14. His worldview aligns extremely well with a lot of the people in charge of these things. Perhaps therein lies part of the answer?
  15. Why would it get a qualified grade? Because it’s a tacit admission the cover is the only thing worth consideration for the hobby going forward?? Just greasing up the gears and getting that mammoth inertial flywheel going on the commodification engine? Why wouldn’t it get a 0.5? It’s incomplete.
  16. That thing is as faded as a “gray” Challengers of the Unknown number one. I’ve had my beater copy for fifty years. It’s one of four comics my grandma found in the attic of their old balloon-frame house that my aunt had read as a kid. No Marvel Mystery, no Captain America, not even Captain Marvel. The four books were the below Youthful Love Romances, a Love Romances 9 (photo cover), My Desire 31, and a very cool oddball, Jughead 1. My brother got first and second choice since he was older, and took the Youthful Love and naturally the Jughead. That left me with a beater Love Romances 9 and an equally compromised My Desire 31. I always maintained for decades later I should’ve at least gotten choices two and four… I eventually conned him out of this one but he kept the Jughead. I can’t say I blame him.
  17. Take Kerry Drake 17, 29 and 30 per PM - thanks!
  18. I'm going to leave the thread open a few more days and then send out invoices. Thanks to everyone for all the 'takes' and your interest. Edit: Thread is now CLOSED.
  19. The bottom right image shown above is from the May 1954 Woman's Home Companion and it's by Jon Whitcomb: