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  1. Take these at 50% as well There are a few books I’ve taken earlier like other Harvey’s and the Aquaman 8 that are still not marked as sold. Could lead to some confusion…
  2. Take at 20% off Edit: I think I already took these Adventures on Page 5, but they weren’t marked “sold” so on another pass through, I figured I’d fill that hole. Talk about deja vu!
  3. Wow, that is one of the best house ads I’ve ever seen! Both the Jungle and Planet are as cool as can be, and the Fight is no dog either. That Jungle number one cover has always fascinated me as ridiculously well-rendered.
  4. It could maybe be as many as fifty, but the upper limit should be sensibly low. They've shown a lack of restraint thus far. They might just designate fifty Phantom Detective covers alone as "classic."
  5. John Gunnison has it as Belarski in his Pulp Art Masters book. In my corner of the world, his opinion carries substantial weight.
  6. There was already a documentary years ago on Kerr by the same name… but if they rehash old ground, throwing Emily Blunt into the mix is never a bad idea.
  7. I give the Old Guard more credence I guess, just like I do in comics. When I was young, it was already decided that Detective 31, Target 7, Superman 14, More Fun 54, Master 27, etc. were classics, and you know what? They got it right! At some point more recently every PCH and GGA cover was designated or, as you allude, hawked by sellers as classic. If everything’s classic, then nothing is classic. A “notable cover,” a “cool cover,” a “cover that I really like,” a “striking cover” - that’s subjective and to the point, but very different. A “classic cover” should connote consensus, in that most everyone that collects pulps is familiar with it and concedes that’s it's classic. In comics, if you mention Startling Comics 49, pretty much everybody with some sense of GA knows that cover. In pulps, when you mention the Weird Tales ‘Batwoman’ cover, most pulp collectors both know it and would likely concede it was a classic. They wouldn’t do that with issues of Wings or Planet Stories where there’s a girl in bondage, as so many of those covers feature a woman in some manner of distress. A similar caveat I’d make for both comics and pulps is that there exists an unavoidable paradox for books like Action 1 or Tarzan’s first appearance in All-Story. Everyone knows those covers and (damn straight) they’re iconic, but for some reason they don’t seem to be considered “classic.” Batman 1, Detective 27, Marvel 1: those are as recognizable as can be, and every one a classic to me, but they don’t get denoted as such.