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  1. I’ve similarly called them out for handing out the “classic cover” designation like Tootsie Roll Midgees on Halloween, but this is one of the ones I almost agree on: the whole BEM (bug-eyed monsters) phenomenon in pulps surely should score at least one classic cover, and this or Captain Future winter ‘43 are the obvious choices.
  2. Yes, the guy that uttered the line got it wrong, but the internet got it right. Also, that annoying thing called a movie script got it wrong, but hey…
  3. I think that’s been debated to death and the conclusion is that’s a made-up contention. It seems to all derive from one said contrary social media post with absolutely no mention previously. There’s someone on social media offering $1,000 to anyone who will show them any reference like a dictionary or encyclopedia, or even a book, from the old days that mentions that. And supposedly Val Kilmer and others have confirmed that it’s “huckleberry.” Me, I have no horse in the race.
  4. Take these at 50% as well There are a few books I’ve taken earlier like other Harvey’s and the Aquaman 8 that are still not marked as sold. Could lead to some confusion…
  5. Take at 20% off Edit: I think I already took these Adventures on Page 5, but they weren’t marked “sold” so on another pass through, I figured I’d fill that hole. Talk about deja vu!
  6. Wow, that is one of the best house ads I’ve ever seen! Both the Jungle and Planet are as cool as can be, and the Fight is no dog either. That Jungle number one cover has always fascinated me as ridiculously well-rendered.
  7. It could maybe be as many as fifty, but the upper limit should be sensibly low. They've shown a lack of restraint thus far. They might just designate fifty Phantom Detective covers alone as "classic."