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  1. Thursday, February 1. https://www.facebook.com/FANEXPODallas/videos/1431948451034105/
  2. Space Con San Antonio 2024 October 25-27 https://www.spaceconsa.com/ Guests so far: Hayden Christensen Michael Pena Katee Sackhoff Ming-Na Wen Michael Rooker Sean Gunn Ross Marquand William Shatner Kate Mulgrew Jeri Ryan Brent Spiner Jonathan Frakes Gates McFadden John De Lancie Todd Stashwick Robert Duncan McNeill Melissa Navia Anson Mount Richard Dean Anderson Michael Shanks Amanda Tapping Teryl Rothery Ben Browder Gina Carano
  3. Hi @DLewisChampie - I asked CGC in that subforum. Seemingly the answer is it would be rejected.
  4. If cards have been submitted, and then returned as ineligible with the "Magic: The Gathering INELIGIBLE TYPE" notice (not Magic cards but I've been informed this is used for all ineligible cards), can they be resubmitted for grading? That is to say, is the ineligibility determination permanent/forever, or was it simply to the discretion of the grader, and a different grader might determine them to be eligible?
  5. Was your card graded? I recently had "INELIGIBLE TYPE/RESEARCH MODE" cards return ungraded, which was an unhappy surprise.
  6. Has anyone submitted cards for grading, had them deemed ineligible when returned, and then re-submitted and had them authenticated? I was wondering if this ineligibility determination is to the grader's discretion, or if they've been rejected once, it's too bad so sad. Thanks.
  7. Can any concert poster be submitted for CGC grading? If a poster has been signed and there was no witness, does it get a blue label and not a green one? I couldn't help but notice this one here: https://entertainment.ha.com/itm/music-memorabilia/posters/bg-44-the-doors-1967-fillmore-debut-concert-poster-signed-by-wes-wilson-graded-98/a/7309-26300.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515&fbclid=IwAR2enDcpJK0dvXoAvUZbdCjkUZrvbLCJI2ZYcGYpY2uIdUmnWO53JtfN5nM "Wes Wilson written in pencil"
  8. Did your info get updated? I'm expecting cards back, they've shipped, and unfortunately the cert doesn't show the images or the card info.
  9. Order 1 (economy) Cards received: 9/21 Scheduled for grading: 11/1 (almost 6 weeks) Grading / Encapsulation / Imaging: 11/6 Quality Control / Finalized: 11/7 Shipped: 11/9 Note: Actual card grades and images did not show up until it was marked as shipped. I was able to preview them all before they arrived. Order 2 (bulk) Cards received: 10/3 Scheduled for grading: 11/2 (a little over 4 weeks) Grading / Encapsulation / Imaging: 11/7 Quality Control / Finalized: 11/10 Shipped: 11/15 Note: I cannot preview the card grades and images. The card titles aren't even properly listed.
  10. Something strange is afoot here. You reached milestones in 3 weeks that took me 6 weeks.
  11. Finally got a submission moved to scheduled for grading, however all the cards are listed as "Magic: The Gathering INELIGIBLE TYPE/RESEARCH MODE - | English" instead of what they were submitted as. Is this placeholder text?
  12. It's not about finding graders that meet their standards. Like any business, I'm sure there's a training period that new hires have to go through. New graders probably wouldn't take on the same workload as vets, might decide to leave altogether, and probably get a probationary period. The question is: are they actively hiring new graders?
  13. If it makes you feel any better, I've also had a submission still marked as "Received" for over 2 weeks.
  14. Maybe the owner was also a vintage advertising collector? Or they worked in Radio-Television and thought the vintage advertising could be used for decor?
  15. Hi @CrystalM CS - what I believe is my second VHS slab is en route to me via FedEx - I received a text from them this morning. However, once again, no email shipping notification, unfortunately, there's nothing to indicate either one of these were ever received on the CGC Home Video website so I really hope that's being worked on.
  16. "Random" is your word to describe someone else's comic or item. To them, it might be something they highly value, treasure, or just like. It's that simple. Why do people send in books that you believe are "random"? Because they want to and they presumably like the book/VHS/card/etc. Speaking for myself, the items I send in are for me to enjoy. They aren't for sale. So if I like something, or there's a celebrity I want to sign a book, I send it in. For me.
  17. Hey Matt, Sent the DM a few days ago. However, update: Received the book back today. ME was fixed, and the book has the original certification number. Seemingly this is good news, however, it seems an oddity that there is that second certification number in existence.
  18. Right, I have. The original cert number page has yet to show any updates to it, while there is a NEW cert number, which leads to a page with some of the book's info, but no grade and no pics.
  19. Hmm...well it looks like we may have an issue then....sent in my ME last month. Finally received the Grading/etc. update this week, 1 month later. It has now been marked as "Shipped" (albeit, this could just be the shipping label creation as FedEx does not indicate pickup). In the Submission Tracking, the Line Item number hyperlink goes to a completely different certification number than the original certification number.
  20. What happens when something is sent in with a Mechanical Error? Does that mean it gets a new cert number?
  21. Hi Mike, Towards the end of July, I sent in a CGC Home Video submission. It has yet to appear under "My Submissions" on the website. I have no idea what its status is. A few weeks later, I sent in another CGC Home Video submission. It also has yet to appear under "My Submissions" on the website - however, a few weeks after that second submission, the FedEx showed up with it slabbed, and I received no shipping email. The slab had the following issues that I found concerning: 1. Scanning the QR code on the label takes me to https://www.cgchomevideo.com/cert-lookup/results?certNumber= Indicating some sort of 404 error message - seemingly the certnumber is not in the QR code. 2. The cert number beneath the QR code, even if inputted into that url, still gives a 404 error. I have no way of looking up my submission. I emailed customer service last month, and Nicki said: "We are working on updates to the CGC Home Video website. Once these updates are completed, online submission status and certification look-up tools will be online and working correctly. We appreciate your patience while we make these updates. I do not have an ETA for completion yet, but our web team is working quickly to get these tools online." To review: to date, neither one of my CGC Home Video submissions, not the first one I sent in July, and not the second one I mysteriously received back, appear on the CGC Home Video website under My Submissions whatsoever. As stated in my last post, seemingly, both the CGC Home Video website and CGC Card website aren't working properly.
  22. So the web team has to fix the cards website AND the video website? FWIW, the CGC Video website hasn't been functioning right since at least July....so we shouldn't count on Cards working any time soon?
  23. If it makes you feel any better, I submitted a video back in July, still hasn't appeared in the system, and a video I sent weeks later also still isn't the system, yet it was slabbed and shipped to me. I'd like to send some cards too but there seem to be significant delays right now and I feel like it has to be staffing-related.