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  1. it seems a typical horror cover, but it is from 1942...making it an early example.
  2. A bit at the high end.... but a 3.0 sold in Comiclink last Feb for 6750.
  3. They opened the hall into the L shape last year, or was it earlier, but still recent. This opened up space a bit, making it easier to get through thinner crowd density. My earlier pics were from later afternoon Saturday. I will concur that crowd #s seemed down, and the NASCAR HOF parking deck seemed much less crowded than previous years (not fighting for space this year). That said, it seemed to go well for dealers and shoppers.
  4. Looks like my shot to the right only reached aisle 1400... the room extended all the way to 2200.
  5. I spoke with a few dealers, and one mentioned they were having a great weekend - as of late Friday afternoon, when I asked! Off the top of my head, I spoke with dealers who trekked in from Baltimore, Detroit, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and that was just the few I asked, or who displayed their locality. At least one guy with a very nice stock said he doesn't have a store; he's a local collector who decided to set up a booth at the show. I spent too much time in signature lines, but got 2 commissions, and a few odds and ends. Also of note; a really good vibe at the show. Maybe it was the good clear weather and low Temps (low 80's) instead of mid 90's, the long holiday weekend or both, but just a positive feeling/atmosphere all weekend! Maybe the just-announced NCComicon return for November will be the same! Arthur Adams as the main draw so far. July also has Raleigh Galaxycon for your TV and movie person fix, along with a host of comics people; Clayton Crain, Billy West, Peter Cullen among them.
  6. FantasticDan.... I'm not being mean, so please don't take it that way. But....that 'exceeding of stated turnaround times' - is the basis for this thread. We're all comparing notes, venting frustration, celebrating progress, and hoping that the books make it back to our sweaty hands ASAP. I had a submission take 13+ months to return, submitted in 2021 summer, returned fall 2022. Things are better now. but not awesome.
  7. Dismayed by seeing Greggy's TAT for magazines listed above @ 4 months. I'm at 28 working days for FT economy...
  8. For me though, one of the real highlights is the art auction. Until last year, when they moved them off to one end, there was a huge central seating area with raised stage right at the entrance, where artists would paint and draw, and often put the finished product up for sale on Saturday night at the auction.
  9. Here's a few pics from 2019 or so I think... or last year? Just some older , and really older books... of no significance. This is NOT an ad for the store!
  10. Same Archive Auction sold a 9.4 a few mins back. A few people REALLY wanted that book much more than I did.
  11. This UF4 newsstand in 9.4 ended a few minutes ago. I took a shot early...but not even CLOSE to winning. Add 18% BP to that final bid.... brings subtotal to $9912 (+ tax + shipping).
  12. Well, I learned something today, I'll admit. I did not realize that foxing would have such an impact on the book's general grade. It was very surprising to pull this out of a large CGC box next to 6, 7's and 8's that looked noticeably worse than this 6.5. Good call for all of the people saying 6.5 - but I liked Grandelbo's the best! And the foxing killed grades on a number of very nice books, I think. A number of very clean, pretty 6's 6.5 and 7 slabs were returned to me.
  13. Good evening kids! This is just an exercise in self-satisfaction that I'm not completely nuts, and that I do have a decent idea of grading after being in this hobby for some years. Long story short, I received a number of books back from CGC. Many were bang-on, a few were up a grade, a few were down..... but THIS ONE was the interesting one! Here are the pictures, and I freely accept the foxing on the rear cover. Pages are CR/OW. Book is from March 1957 Grader notes are: foxing to cover light creasing to cover light wear all corners of cover Look at the pictures, review the faults I've marked in RED, and....guess the grade!!!
  14. Package received by CGC, per USPS - Dec 5th Charges to credit card by CGC - Dec 12 for 4 tiers of books, including WalkThrough and Express. No further info - Jan 18
  15. I picked up a run of All-American from 60-some up through 102 along with other books, all raw in person from original owner - pushing 10 years ago. Not off eBay, not Long Island.
  16. Raw, original owner. I sent for grading, then 2 years later reviewed the notes, and resubbed for a press. Having a better idea of grading now, in hindsight it might not have bumped it up a grade.
  17. ?? Maybe I missed something?? Who mentioned an existing spline split, prior to pressing? The book was a 7.5 with only a small chunk out of one edge - with grader notes indicating small creases on the cover that were only visible when looking hard at an angle - as if if had other books sitting on it in a pile - that's what I hoped to remediate with the pressing. I said that CCS contacted me because their pressing CREATED a 1-2" spine split where NOTHING existed before. I have no idea where the "known spine split" you mention comes from, but it is not related to my situation.
  18. On occasion, I will look at Hakes.com events that go off every month or so. Currently I'm about to have an aneurysm , as the auction was counting down to 15 minutes for a book i wanted, and the website has gone completely unresponsive and won't load. That is BUSH LEAGUE.
  19. CGC took a graded CGC book I sent in for CCS press and re-grade. CCS opened a 1 1/2 spine split on the 1947 book, taking it from 7 before to 5 after . I received an emailed "oops". Period. I got to eat the 2k in reduced value.
  20. Awesome. Maybe I can track books that were submitted 12 months ago. STILL WAITING.
  21. Depends. Express and Standard are back fairly quick. I have some Sig subs from Heroes con that are coming back in sections. The SS Standard was back in a month or so. The SS grade-only modern came back this week - so 2 months. I'm still waiting on the Modern SS with CCS press... so I'd bet another 2-3 weeks on those. BUT. I sent in a bunch of economy books...in July/Aug of 2021... STILL waiting on those.... full 12 + months now...
  22. Thanks, all. I spoke with CGC the other day via phone - it's heading their way in the AM.