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  1. I noticed this a few weeks when I went to go send an offer to someone on a book that only had 1 watcher but then eBay told me they would send it to 2 potential buyers. There are also times I have a book that has 10+ watchers, I send the offer and it says it will send the offer to 4 potential buyers. Maybe it tracks if the eBay account is actively purchasing, or if the item was added to a shopping cart. Not sure.
  2. I died a little inside when I clicked the link and saw that it was a welovecomics vid. Is this gonna be the new Rick Roll?
  3. How rare is the Green Lantern #51 DC Universe Logo 2nd Print?
  4. He is knocking these covers out of the park!
  5. One of Sideshow's best. Congrats! I absolutely love mine.
  6. Great find Junkdrawer! I've found a few good hauls before but they're definitely few and far between. They sure make all those times striking out worth it.
  7. What if I cut a out all advertisements in the comic and sent it? What would they say then?
  8. I’ve got an extra 3 day pass if anyone wants it. I Won’t be there until Saturday morning.
  9. I'm looking forward to your Comic Con statue coverage this year! Sideshow and Tweeterhead are going to have some amazing pieces.
  10. I don't think Deadpool would be as bad if he wasn't so oversaturated in the Comics. DC has done the same thing with Harley Quinn. They've taken something as great as Harley Quinn an beat us over the head with her! I bought a collection that had Remender's run of X-Force in it. I've heard good things so I'm definitely gonna read it before I completely hate on the character.
  11. So sad. When I bashed my Bane head that sucker took a lot more than a few whacks. I was about to get a sledge hammer.
  12. I'm still waiting on the perfect Deathstroke statue. After that terrible 1/4 scale from sideshow my money is on Tweeterhead whenever they get around to it.
  13. I sold a Tales to Astonish to Matt and paid me in payments. Matt's communication was great and he finished paying earlier than the time we discussed. What a pleasure doing business with. Thanks, Andy
  14. I want a WW 72 that comes back a 9.8! have a 9.6 but I’m not paying what it goes for. I’m too stubborn and I know I’ll find one eventually.