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  1. Still my favorite book. Got to hang out with Jason Aaron for a while at the Cedar Rapids con over the weekend. Really awesome dude. I brought 9 books for him to sign, offered him money for signing all of them since it wasn't a couple books. He wouldn't take my money saying he'll never charge for signing books. Then he did a Q&A session for an hour, and then after that he still sat and bs'd with me and talked to me while we went around the con looking at books.
  2. Yes it is. I didn't even know that until after I made the purchase. Thinking at the time I didn't get the first print copy..bummer. Then I did some research and was pleased.
  3. I finally joined the club!!!! This has been my grail for the last 3 years and this newsstand edition presented itself at the con this weekend and I finally couldn't say no!!!
  4. Lucky deal from a guy who was selling off his entire collection.
  5. I was able to buy the entire series for $1 a piece. I was about to buy it all in trades and then got lucky with this deal. #1 is 4th printing. Just got through reading it all, great story!
  6. I got it, I read it. I enjoyed it. But I read about some kind of huge reveal on the last page... I must have missed it.
  7. So in switching my pull list over to a new provider I missed that the new Batman this week is out of stock on Midtown. (Where I switched my pull list to). Can anyone point me in the direction to order Batman Vol 3 Annual 2 where it's in stock?
  8. I just switched my entire pull list to Midtown Comics for mail delivery. If someone using them sees this will I get my subs releasing this Wednesday if I just set my pull list today? When do you normally see billing charges to your card when you select weekly shipping?
  9. Loved the new issue!!! Loved every single page!! I have over 40 comics on my monthly pull list and this is my favorite one!
  10. Initial reactions so far? Aaron has always been one of my favorite writers so I might be a little biased but that first issue to me was a pretty entertaining read. There was a lot going on.
  11. I hear where you're coming from, but I just paid $1 for a book that sells for $200 raw. Pretty good discount!
  12. With Saga #1 4th print selling on ebay right now unslabbed for $150- $200 I am happy. Honestly didn't know that until after I got home and did some research.
  13. This last Wednesday at the comic book store there was a guy trying to sell his comics. The owner said she was over stocked or something at the moment and suggested craigslist and avoid selling to halfpriced books. At that point I'm standing there and say, "Watcha got?" He said he has 5 long boxes he's just looking to sell each comic for $1. So I stopped by and picked through his 5 long boxes. $100 later I have 100 comics including the first 46 issues of Saga. The first issue being the hard to find 4th printing. All in amazing condition. Also got a ton of the old Judge Dredd stuff where Jock did the art because I'm a sucker for Jock. Early Deadpool stuff, but I can't get over that Saga score.
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEDAL-OF-HONOR-SPECIAL-Dark-Horse-Comics-1994-Joe-Kubert-FN-VF-RARE-/371842840584?hash=item56938f7808:g:qWcAAOSwImRYf8Yc This book looks pretty rare. This is really the only listing i've found. I have a guy locally trying to sell this to me. What should I offer?
  15. Sweet, this will finally be a club I can join! Although mine is raw.