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  1. Even back in the 70s, you never saw this book in any condition. It just wasn't that common. I'm amazed there are any copies in 9.8, with or without work. That's beautiful. Congrats
  2. So, you don’t think #4 is censorship, even if it is coordinated across multiple platforms, while a publisher yanks the books at issue and booksellers and libraries pull them off the shelves? And, at the same time one of the online sellers prevents anyone from establishing alternate online platforms that might compete and provide other viewpoints? That’s a very small number of parties that can pull books, thoughts, political thought etc.
  3. The entire situation is fraught with absurd danger to both free speech and the dissemination of ideas. I have always thought comic creators and the CBLDF carried things too far, but this is the perfect example of the dangers of allowing any censorship What happens if anyone throws a label of racism at any major work of literature? Does every online platform start purging book sales? Say someone claims Ayn Rand’s works are inherently racist because merit and ability trumps all else, and race bears no consideration. Do Facebook, Amazon, etc band the sale of these books? I don’t really give a about Rand, but that is pretty scary Think of Seuss as a test run. It can only get worse. (Just to be clear, it could be any other “....ist”, for that matter)
  4. What's the cliche about monopolies--its not the fact that a company is a monopoly that is illegal, it's how they use that monopoly power. Using it to ban books or ideas on their platforms may be within their rights, but using it to ban them on other platforms and inhibiting the ability of others to create a competing platform, is outrageous. Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter have long ago crossed the line from private companies into quasi public institutions and should likely be treated as radio and television are. Can you imagine if in the 1920's, ONE company monopolized radio and prevented all others from going live. The country would be much worse off for it, and much less free. This is essentially what is happening here.
  5. I haven't read this entire thread, so my apologies if I'm rehashing anything or am missing the main point here. Is ebay within their right to ban the sales of these books on their site, sure. The problem is that these actions turn into a freaking disease. This morning a woman in MA listed 4 of the 6 Geisel books on MA Marketplace Facebook page for a ridiculous price. Within two hours the listing was taken down by Facebook. Can the same standard applied to ebay apply to Facebook, which is even more of an individual to individual forum? Maybe. But there is no denying that there's a risk that ideas, both good and bad can be censored and kept from people by a few powerful parties. Who decides what's good and bad? It's a slippery slope. I sure as heck don't want ebay or Facebook to decide.
  6. Ok, I think I’m real sad. Then again, after disappearing for over a year (2?), I probably have no right to feel anything. Anyway, I come back to Bob having sold off his pf’s. Wow. I am shocked every time someone I have watched collect for decades sells off. Sounds like you did well. Congrats.