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  1. Blackhawk #123, 1958, DC. Another SA 10 center, but I am getting to the GA books. Complete and attached. Aging apparent to the covers especially, with some larger chips missing from the back cover. No better than 3.0, but looks nicer in at first glance. $10 **NOW $8**
  2. Battle #68, 1960, Marvel. OK...I know this is SA, but it was a 10 center in the stack. Solid and complete with good colors. Wear is predominately around the edges, with a chip at the top of the spine. Nothing too major, but an accumulation bringing it down to the 4.0 range. Kirby cover, Heck/Severin/Ditko/Burgos/Kirby inside. $35 **NOW $28**
  3. I am finally getting back around to finishing my stack off for this thread. I am going to restart with 5-10 raw GA books. Planning to list, and then come back around and add some pictures before I am done for the day. Feel free to "take pending picture" if you are the impatient type.
  4. I am in the car for the next two hours. Let’s try a flash sale during my drive. 20% off all raw books until 11:30am central time. Your “take” MUST have a time stamp before that time to qualify. Flash sale automatically ends at 11:30.
  5. Next up will be 25-30 issues of Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos (all 12c ages). May not get to those today, but that is what's next.
  6. Hey, look...a Marvel hero book. Tales Of Suspense #49, 1964, Marvel. Let's be honest...this book is loaded. 1st X-Men cross over, and early appearance of them. OSPG says same date as X-Men #3, so tied for 3rd appearance? 1st Avengers cross over. And, 2nd appearance of The Watcher. Seems undervalued to me at that point. This was my long term copy until I lucked into an upgrade. Complete and seemingly attached, but there is glue between cover and first/last pages. Bottom staple may be detached from cover. Otherwise lots of general wear, a small stain in the logo, an import stamp (?) faint on the front lower left corner and on the lower left back corner, and a store stamp on the back saying Malaysia. So, this book has traveled. I have owned it for more than 15 years at this point. Without the glue, I would say 3.0 range. Adjust from there as needed. $55 NOW $49 NOW $45 **SOLD**
  7. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane Annual #2, 1963, DC. Solid copy, with light general wear all the way around. A couple corner creases on the back, and the spine is pretty solid. 4.0 for me. $30 NOW $24 **NOW $21**
  8. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #17, 1960, DC. This is the 2nd appearance of Brainiac...who knew? Nice copy with some spine roll and some minor staple tearing at the top staple, a bit of a dust shadow and a corner crease at the top front right. 4.5 for me. It's not quite Crime Mysteries #4 or Weird Chills #1, but transfusion cover, too. $35 **SOLD VIA PM**
  9. Star Spangled War Stories #97, 1961, DC, Rough, but complete and mostly attached (top staple holding on gingerly, but pulled through at the bottom, CF firm). Damage at the top of the rolled spine is the worst of it, but also creasing and general wear. Let's go 1.8. $15 NOW $13 **NOW $10**
  10. Man O' Mars #1, 1958, I.W. Enterprises. This is the reprint of the Fiction House classic. Murphy Anderson and Lee Elias art. Chipping along the right edge, more edge wear all around, a couple corner creases on front and back covers, spine wear, stain on the back bottom. Let's go with 2.5 on this one. $25 NOW $22 **NOW $19**
  11. Kid Colt Outlaw #100, 1961, Marvel/Atlas. Loaded with a Kirby cover, Heck interior art, and Stan Lee scripts. Complete and tightly attached. The biggest issue is a small tear (~0.5" or a bit larger) on the bottom edge that goes through the entire book. I believe this was made with a blade as it is far too clean a cut to be a tear. The front cover has some wear around this, but the interior and back cover show that it is very clean. Also a small triangular chip at the right front edge. Without the cut, I would argue for at least a 4.5. With it, 3.5? I will put some pics of the cut in the spoilers. $45 NOW $38 NOW $32 **SOLD**
  12. G.I. Combat #104, 1964, DC. Another Heath grey tone cover. This one looks nearly as good in the bag, but some issues on closer inspection. There is a bit of a spine roll, a small (~0.25")edge tear bottom front, and a couple indentions on the tank (one of which breaks the paper). All told, I think it's a 3.0. $15 NOW $13 **NOW $10**
  13. G.I. Combat #80, 1960, DC. Awesome Russ Heath grey tone cover, and Heath/Kubert/Swan art inside. Complete and attached, but plenty of spine wear. Some minor creasing and a small edge tear on the back left edge. I think its a 3.5, maybe 4.0. Only 19 blue labels on the census, and not a lot of sales data out there. $75 NOW $59 NOW $49 **SOLD**
  14. Flash Annual #1, 1963, DC. Solid copy with another decent squarebound spine. No splits, or tears on the spine. Some corner creasing both front and back. Other light wear. I think it's a 4.0. $33 NOW $25 **NOW $20**