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  1. I'm quite new to CGC (joined 2/15/2017), but I'm finding collecting comics fascinating (and addictive). I'd love to win a CGC award in the future, and will be looking for an opportunity for same. Thank you for this news on the 2018 awards. Regards Stephen
  2. Dear CGC, I have recently had a big box of 'The Walking Dead' (Image / Skybound) returned to me, and this caused me to look closely at the registry scores for this comic. There are a few (six in particular) that I feel should be reviewed based on the 400 points allocated to the #94 Convention Sketch Edition. This seems about right based on its scarcity and price to buy. Please look at: #115 Variant N (maybe 200 for Universal 9.8?) #127 Diamond Retailer (as rare as #94 Convention Sketch = 400) #144 Convention Sketch (as above = 400?) #150 Retailer Appreciation (maybe 100 for Universal 9.8?) #171 Pink Lorenzo (maybe 100 for Universal 9.8?) Here's Negan preview #nn (LE500 only from Image Blind Box LE1992, always sells for high price $250-300+ in raw condition. 400 points? Thank you and regards Stephen
  3. I did read somewhere about the price rise, so I'm sure it's here to stay. I do like the Year 15 variant covers too (are they doing 12, one for each month, anyone know?). I'm looking forward to the s8 mid-season premiere in just over a week's time, and until then, enjoying catching up on FTWD s3 on Christmas gift DVDs which I had not seen. I'm sure Kirkman said there would be "300" TWD comic issues a while back. Has that ever been reconfirmed or updated? I was pleased to see that TV s9 was now confirmed.
  4. I'm with Ryan. I like it that CGC has given TWD collectors choice. ? to CGC from ??
  5. Can I join the AF15 club with my CGC NG SS page 7? Does anyone else like The Bellringer story :-)
  6. I am interested in purchasing The Walking Dead (TWD) comics CGC-slabbed at 9.8+. I have all of the First and Second Printings, so interested in Variants, Convention editions, Wizard World editions and similar. I also like CGC Signature Series TWD slabs in any grade. I would especially like one of the x11 slabbed or x14 raw editions out there of TWD #116, Third Printing. Also, I'd love to acquire a Here's Negan Preview Sketch Edition (LE25, from the LE1992 Image 25th Anniversary Blind Box). Feel free to PM me if you have one or both of these you'd consider selling. Regards Stephen
  7. Thanks everyone, and especially bababooey for the additional links. Is there no-one big enough on here (i.e.who sells enough) to press eBay to deal with and rectify this? There are certainly enough people apparently unhappy. It could impact all of us at some point, and it MUST be in our mutual interest to correct it. And if Pitney Bowes are collecting 'tax' but not handing it over to the government as is alleged herein, surely this is a crime. It certainly would be in my country.
  8. I am a new collector of comics based in the UK, and find that many of the 'best ones' are located in / for sale from the US. I have bought some privately, and some on eBay. The Global Shipping Programme (GSP) irritates me enormously, as it automatically adds import fees to all purchases, when comics including their (CGC) cases are legally duty free into the UK. I have researched the subject, and have passed my findings to eBay (who have done nothing with it yet - as at 1 February 2017). I hope US seller and UK buyers might find this helpful to sellers and cost-saving to buyers: For comics to arrive in the UK tax and duty free, they must first be sold outside of the GSP (which eBay allows so long as the seller agrees). Packages must be marked "Printer matter - comic book/s. Tariff code 4902900000". For those that like additional reading, this is set out in Notice 701/10, Schedule 8, Group 3 (books including cases). Regards Stephen