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  1. Great copies all around, thanks for sharing. Even in low grade I love this book. Sauce dog: that’s an amazing 4.5. Presents very well for the grade. Jay: Wow! What a killer copy.
  2. I don't actively collect any more (after about 35+ years), but here is a gem that I recently had graded. I bought the book in 2001 from Metro when they brought the Northford Collection to market. This book never made the open market though as I called Vincent Z & was able to acquire it along with issue # 19 before they hit the website or made it to a con. It's a sharp copy with deep colors. 1 of 2 9.2's which I was a little surprised to learn is the highest grade.
  3. I got lucky the week before XMas. Walked into Best Buy early one morning to buy a couple surge protectors & the greeter at the door said they just got a shipment of NES Classic in & they were behind the reservation counter (limit 1 per customer). They only had 15. I texted my friend who works nearby & she rushed over with some work friends & they were able to buy one each too. Does anyone play emulators online? I used to spend a lot of time on the Virtual NES site years ago, but it doesn't look like it's running anymore. The great thing was if you wanted to continue your game later they gave you a password to use. Came in handy for Zelda, Final Fantasy 2 & 3... I found this emulator site which looks good: http://emulator.online/nes/
  4. Had another smooth transaction with Wes recently. He has good taste in comics!
  5. Had a very smooth transaction with Dave. Good communication & quick payment. Hope you enjoy your first GA Batman!
  6. Great transaction with Alex. Nice book, well packed & quick shipping. Would buy from again. Thanks!
  7. Crazy, the Joker only appears in 5 panels (?) from a Killing Joke flashback & the art is horrendous. I think the cover's pretty nice though... The first issue in that series has been doing well for awhile. Slabbed 9.6's have a GPA average of $156 the past 12 months. 9.4's have been averaging $117. Raw copies have been getting good results too.
  8. Thanks Tim for a silky smooth VCC transaction. (thumbs u
  9. Wow very nice. (thumbs u I had a copy in my VCC booth for $70. No bites even at 20% off. Just sold it for $110 + shipping.
  10. Love the Oaklands. I bought up quite a few between 1998-2000. I still have about 60 of them I think. Here's another that's not on the list, House of Secrets # 88. DC Bronze Horror enthusiasts know that this book is a real pain in the butt to find nicely centered.
  11. Silky smooth VCC transaction with Eric. A great guy to deal with. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the heads up. What the hell man, I must say that announcement came out of nowhere. I was holding onto my double for a Vixen casting ann. in regards to the Suicide Squad movie. I wonder if this is to introduce audiences to the character for a live action appearance on tv or in film... The animated series will take place in the same universe as Arrow & Flash so yes live action TV would be a likely possibility I think... This animated series might've already been in the works for awhile hence her exclusion from the SS movie...
  13. Action Comics # 521 (1st Vixen) is picking up again due to the announcement of the Vixen animated series. 15 eBay listings ended today with some hitting impressive prices: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=action+comics+521&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc
  14. Sold a stack of VCC books to dinesh. Thanks! (thumbs u
  15. Smooth VCC transaction with Robert, quick to pay & a nice guy to chat with. Looking forward to more. Thanks! (thumbs u
  16. Very smooth VCC transaction. Thanks Matt! (thumbs u
  17. Very easy to deal with. Quick to communicate & quick to pay. Thanks!
  18. Great VCC transaction, worked out perfectly on both ends. Thanks very much Mike. (thumbs u
  19. Smooth transaction with Rick, thanks. (thumbs u
  20. Kudos to Doiby_Dickles for a great deal on a nice book. (thumbs u
  21. Kudos to the following board members for recent VCC & non-VCC transactions: greggy Doc Joe topofthetotem heliosten Storm Shadow ss5rmp REHfan ft88 Tabasco Joe returner Thanks! (thumbs u
  22. Kudos to the following board members for VCC & non-VCC transactions: greggy JohnT wormboy tigers comics Dover Bruce1971 AtlasFan capt hook Bumble Kitty Foolkiller blue808 spiderman-on-tilt Dale Roberts kimik joeypost Thanks a lot guys!
  23. Kudos to the following board members for VCC transactions: Bellrules1 Zonker bryan91 innocuous Thanks guys!
  24. Kudos to the following board members for smooth transactions: greggy awe4one nik JZrarities Thanks! (thumbs u