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  1. Reopening this thread to offer this beautiful golden age book. Been nice to own it but I feel it deserves a more permanent home. Accepting PayPal, Check (must clear before shipped) No Returns Shipping is 20 via USPS priority mail MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS 15 CGC 4.0 MOVED Beautiful Pre-US entrance Book (Apologies for bad lighting. Also apologies for sticker residue on back label)
  2. I like single pages but finding one that I want is a hassle. Like I would love some pre-robin Tec pages, but all I ever get shown is the non-Batman Tec 27 pages
  3. Hello fellow boardies, Does anyone have any suggestions for a briefcase to hold two slabbed books (my X-Men 133 and Marvel Mystery 15)? I would like it so not only is it easy to grab in a natural disaster (which Oklahoma is notorious for, though less in the past years at least) but also any other disasters such as fire. It would also help after college to carry them wherever I end up. Thanks for any advice!
  4. Got this at 40% off thanks to High Grade Comics spin-a-deal. Easily one of the best Wolverine covers.
  5. I’ve had several golden age books which I’ve enjoyed, but my latest pick up is something special. A combination of many brilliant artists, still in the infancy of comics, and representative of the gradual pace towards the US joining the war. Also represents the continued consolidation of superheroes in our culture
  6. I might not have all the info completely correct, but here goes. So a buyer got scammed 4000 from Alley Bat. Then the scammer threatened to sue everyone. Buyer got money back and there was a criminal investigation. That’s what I got from skimming through the thread
  7. I had to look up that. Reading through really old threads like that is amusing
  8. RIP. Him in CACW caused me to really get into comics. His passing was so sudden but what a fighter he was until the very end.
  9. I’m not sure if they are terrified of the Torch, or whether they realize that the ocean now has a route to flood the tunnel
  10. Personally I think I’ll enjoy it. It looks like a dark detective Batman, something I have been waiting for
  11. I know reserves on auctions are an instant turn-off for me. Unless the book is impossible to find, it’s not worth it
  12. I’m going to put in my uninformed . I believe a 2nd printing is not the first appearance since as @Buzzetta pointed out, sometimes multiple appearances have shown by this point. Either way the conversation will continue, but those are my thoughts.
  13. I've owned one cap 1 page. I would love to find a marvel 1 page
  15. Bump with a price drop and mistake. Accidentally hid the Sub-Mariner post trying to edit its price half asleep. I cant even remember the autofill response for the reason. Only realized my mistake this morning. ALL WINNERS COMICS 9 CGC 1.5 NOW $625 SUB-MARINER COMICS 5 CGC 3.0 Q $1100 Feel free to pm
  16. And on final book representing all of my collection left...All Winners 9. Got this in the mail and the damage looked better in the CL scan. So buyers remorse is your gain. Selling this one at a loss to move it and recoup some money back ALL WINNERS COMICS 9 CGC 1.5 $625 (paid $738 not including tax and shipping)
  17. I remember seeing this when I first started collecting. I'm still unsure on how the seller thinks either of those are worth more than the big keys like AC 1, Tec 27, Marvel 1, etc.
  18. thank you! All books sold in 2 days
  19. beat you too it on the announcement. Thank you!
  20. Hulk 181 sold and price on batman dropped
  21. thank you! 2 books down, 2 more books to go everyone!