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  1. During one of Felix's unboxing episodes @Nexus mentions a page he purchased at auction. Without knowing the episode off the top of my head the short of it was that the older page had a bit of it done in an inferior ink and Felix had to have assurances that the original artist would re ink the page before committing to purchase. The artist agreed, the page was purchased and the artist re inked the page. Will this be a growing trend with so many older pages coming to market.
  2. Keep in mind...the Post Office, BY LAW, cannot own or operate airplanes! This is why the post office has contracts with businesses like DHL, FedEx and UPS for air transport. Mostly used to ship from coast to coast, otherwise they truck it. They previously used commercial flight airlines to ship the mail...I remember being on a plane and watching the luggage getting loaded and then seeing mail being loaded. That all stop after 9/11.
  3. What does this do to autograph pricing from comic creators at conventions? Most if not all already charge a premium for witnessed sigs. Most I've been to will do free unwitnessed signatures...and I would expect that if jsa book find a premium price, free sigs will go away.
  4. New terms and policies you're asked to agree to by CCG. Just a quick find if you didn't read it yourself and you just click right through... "The Services provided by NGC, PMG, CGC, and ASG are covered by the NGC Guarantee, the PMG Guarantee, the CGC Guarantee, and the ASG Guarantee, respectively, set forth on their respective websites (the “Guarantees”), the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference. Customer should refer to the appropriate corresponding Guarantee (NGC, PMG, CGC, or ASG) to understand the benefits and protections afforded to Customer, as well as the applicable limitations. NGC’s, PMG’s, CGC’s, and ASG’s sole and exclusive liability and Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for NGC’s, PMG’s, CGC’s, or ASG’s failure to comply with its obligations under Section 12 above shall be pursuant to the appropriate corresponding Guarantee. Important Note: The Services provided by JSA (e.g., authentication of unwitnessed signatures) are not guaranteed." JSA services are not guaranteed. I'm not saying anything, good or bad, about this service. Just pointing this out for the peeps that clicked through it.
  5. Within the last 3 months...I have mailed a page to and received one from Belgium. Both without a problem. The one that came to me from Belgium was with DHL, every package that comes into the country from DHL is opened and checked by DHL in transit and repackaged...it'll be covered in their yellow tape. They removed the art from the board and taped it back on. A toploader is always needed. 6 months ago I mailed a page to Paris using USPS and it came back to me deliverable...switched it out to FedEx with same address and had no problem. All in all...it all sucks with the international shipping.
  6. He is rep'd by the guys and gals at Comic Sketch Art. You can reach out to them through their facebook page and socials.
  7. If you are just seeing the numbers then someone has peeled off the Marvel sticker from the book. As stated by CGC... "If it is completely peeled off it will be noted in the label text as digital code label removed and it will not get a qualified label and will not affect grade." With my example mentioned above, my copy did not have a sticker OR DIGITAL CODE put in the book at all...there was no sticker to peel back and this was an error at the printers. In the other example the sticker has been removed revealing the digital code. For the completest out there...if CGC catches the missing sticker and notes it on the label I wouldn't even consider buying those books as there are plenty with the sticker intact.
  8. Listen, my lil bit of paranoia is up there, so I sees this book on eBay...is it one of the swaps to get the newsstand label from cgc on an ”obvious to me" direct edition or an honest mistake by cgc. If the later, cgc how'd you miss this if your biz is comics. Cuz now you can write off all your mistakes to a scammer. I mean, I have to trust the label if I'm not an informed collector.
  9. I dont think the hobby is so fragile that this will break it.
  10. To anyone who has had to deal with the slow rolling ball that is the fbi... My only experience with them is reporting a crime with ebay about a purchase that never got mailed to me. Ebay refused to pay me back, I complain...they sent my compain to the fbi, who followed up 18 months later. They took my statement. That was 10 years ago. Nothing happened. Law!
  11. This is going to be a X-Mas gift for my wife, who has a small yet growing original art collection. Really hoping to find a page or two before the holiday...maybe one with Deena (Emmett's grand daughter). My wife has always been my "plus one" at cons, and as I've shopped around conventions she's pick up a bit of the buyer's bug too. Talking with friends over turkey today she mentioned it and now I'm hoping to get a jump on finding something. I'm excited at the idea, but fearful of my timing on the search. Any help is as always....greatly appreciated! Safe holidays to all on the boards.
  12. I checked back on total number of New Mutants 98 signature series books on 9/11 was 3394. The Liefeld signing was on 9/6 and the new total as of today 10/29 is 3975. So I'm assuming 581 New Mutants 98 books were signed during the in house signing.
  13. My single Liefeld sub went to GEI today. Excited!
  14. A little something different from Clayton Crain...rainbow light saber dubbed the "Crain Saber"!
  15. I am hearing Liefeld's signing at CGC is sometime next week.
  16. Just a quick reminder that PGX is still in business out of Oregon. Rob Pillsbury opened up an East Coast wing and graded exclusively moderns for PGX.
  17. I was just running around the internets when I came across a dead link for pgx east coast. Wondered what happened and found this on their facebook page.
  18. I'm sure the term "grading" is misused here and "encapsulating" is what was meant...under some sort of CGC Signature Series like you would see at conventions for sketches and like the JSC prelim pic I attached. Those do not have grades attached. This kinda talk always takes me to the TV series "Pawn Stars" were Rick is looking at a page of original art, but refuses to buy because there is no "letter of authenticity" attached...so how would he know if it's the real deal sorta thing. Solely a intro problem for the non collector that an encapsulation option would help. This is why I wanted these prelims encapsulated...the average joe wouldn't understand the prelim aspect of the artist job. These loose pieces of art may get lost as scribbles in peoples collections...where I thought the encapsulation with CGC would help keep them from getting lost in my collection. When I leave them to my wife and kids, I'd like them to not think I was a midnight doodler and padding my collection! Some prelims are wild scribbles, so keeping the artist name attached with encapsulation is helpful. Now this submission is from the artist, so no expert needed. There is an absurdity to actually "grading" the art...but I can see submitting original art to cgc, from artists, at conventions for encapsulation...where current art would be left in your grubby little hands for play folks.
  19. Visiting this topic because I saw something on the ebay that left me scratching my head about a submission. Figured this would be a better place for this topic because there is a difference between "original art" and a prelim...and you guys are the more educated about the topic. These were submitted to CGC...purchased at Rob Liefeld's Whatnot sales where he had David Hong, a CGC witness to handle CGC submissions for all things Signature Series. Asked David to sub these and they all got REJECTED by CGC for being "published art". (insert sad face emoji here) Clickady Clacking on ebay and I saw the JSC prelim...CGC encapsulated and witnessed and all thing pretty. So CGC does encapsulate prelims...but why not my subs? A friend of mine showed me Capullo "grab bag" prelims also encapsulated by CGC SS from a Torpedo Comics event...those are the same size as my tiny ones also? @CGC Mike can I weigh in on your opinion also as to if these are "published" or prelim sketches and where the reject scale is with CGC.
  20. Skottie is soon to be offering new prints on his site. This is not a promotion for that product, but more of a "be on the lookout" as these are prints of his original art and will look super similar to original art. Again, they will look just like the original art...but are very realistic prints which will have a disclaimer. Make sure, going forward, you can tell the difference if you are buying original art in the wild. They really do look AMAZING...but should not be confused with actual pencil and ink art. See attached photo for that disclaimer on the print. Are you guys yay or nay on this kinda thing?
  21. I've order 6 pieces in the month of July from 5 different reps/artist...2 commissions. I've only gotten 1 so far. SDCC slowed down everything for everyone. Understanding that both reps and artist travel for cons means that they cannot pack on the road. That's how their business works. Seeing that Cadence was at a 3rd consecutive con over this past weekend (Flame Con to help out Tynion and the guys at Scott's Collectables) means they are not at the offices filling orders, but that doesn't mean they aren't doing their best at what they do. Same is said for any artist that has to travel for conventions. I don't see how you can guarantee this instant gratification some people have to getting art. I've waited over 5 months for a page from Heritage once...and they just sit there with the art, but I won't hate on them either...yet.
  22. I get it. All this you said...I get it. I understand it all, everything you just said. But, 5 years into this hobby and this happens about 25% of the time. Every year for the past 5 years. This is just how the hobby works. If you are having trouble reaching someone at Cadence through the site, I can get you Corey or Vinny's email over at Cadence and you might be able to get through that way.
  23. I've been buying from Cadence since 2018...I've never had an issue with getting art. But delays are a part of the hobby. If you are waiting on art, keep in mind that they were handling commissions for their artist at back to back cons the last 30 days (SDCC and GalaxyCon Raleigh). All the art is coming out slow this month from ALL the reps with huge commission list being fulfilled. I've learned that this is a hobby that requires patients as reps have to wrangle artist and take lists from buyers during busy con seasons...all while traveling themselves. Cadence had a big roster at GalaxyCon this past weekend and may just be getting back.