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  1. Think we all want another good Aliens movie but that trailer doesn't add much in terms of "new". Hope the next trailer gives fans something to get excited about.
  2. MCU always giving the fans what they want. WTB Norrin Radd.
  3. Ed was pretty much the best out there. He will be missed.
  4. Wish it wasn't Amazon funding this. Oh well can never get enough Bladerunner.
  5. Animal-Man - the 1st and one of the best. Vertigo comics was a great time to read if you solely just read whatever was released under their banner.
  6. Despise extended bidding, if you want to talk about lack of transparency in auctions nothing is worse.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if that comes back a 9.9. Trustworthy raw seller.
  8. Those are some great and fun books, hope they show up and the dirtbag that stole them gets caught.
  9. that's pretty disappointing... I guess there's always whatever Snyder Cut that people can look forward to.
  10. Pencils finished to that level would be a shame if you had the original inked.
  11. Adam Strange’s big entry to the big screen is him being a white savior super hero trope POS. Hurray.
  12. The description seems to try to let people know there are 2 versions out there and the Miller inked one is the final version but it makes you wonder. It’s up to 362.5K right now.
  13. https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/story-page/frank-miller-and-klaus-janson-batman-the-dark-knight-3-story-page-48-49-iconic-joker-death-total-2-/p/7345-55005.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 International Auction 10/6 - 10/8.
  14. The best thing for them to do right now is just stop making any movies for 5 years. Then hard reboot.
  15. Man Cameron needs to step up to the plate and make BA 2 happen. Would be an incredible film.
  16. Absolutely terrible. GL getting these pieces back Yoram.
  17. Mario Bros deserves all the $$$ headed it’s way for being what people want; a fun, family movie without strings attached.