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  1. DTAcollectibles.com-Aquaman #1, JLA #1, Pre-code horror, GL #87, Golden-Age! http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=bb72b0d1beccc0a9ef03542ad&id=180361d823
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and Kola #1 1946-ME-1st issue-Pixies-VG --Lash LaRue #11 1950-Fawcett-photo front cover-B-Western movie star-VG --Lash LaRue #19 1951-Fawcett-photo front cover-B-Western movie star-VG+ --Lash LaRue Western #10 1950-Fawcett-B-Western film star-photo covers-VG --Lash LaRue Western #2 1949-Fawcett-B-Western film star-photo covers-FN- --Lash LaRue Western #3 1950-Fawcett-B-Western film star-photo covers-VG --Lash LaRue Western #4 1950-Fawcett-B-Western film star-photo covers-VG- --Lash LaRue Western #51950-Fawcett-B-Western film star-photo covers-VG --Lash LaRue Western #7v1950-Fawcett-B-Western film star-photo covers-VG/FN --Lawbreakers Always Lose #5 1948-FBI wanted poster-violent crime-VG --Leave It To Binky #5 1948-DC-Superman-Capt Tootsie-CC Beck-G+ --Mr. Anthony's Love Clinic #4 1950- Rare Golden Age Romance- VG- --Mr. Anthony's Love Clinic #5 1950- Rare Golden Age Romance-last issue- VG --Popular Comics #81 1942- WWII anti-jap Terry & pirates cover- Owl- Cyclone G+ --Scream Comics #11 1946- racial sterotypes- Golden Age Humor- VG --Superboy #16 comic book 1951-DC Comics-strange costume issue golden age --Superman #69 1951- The Prankster- DC Golden Age- G --Sweethearts #75 1949- Golden Age Fawcett Romance- Ice Cream cover FN- --Sweethearts #79 1949- Golden Age Fawcett Romance- Dana Andrews FN --Tarzan #11 1949- Edgar Rice Burroughs- Dell Golden Age comic VG --Tarzan #17 1950- Edgar Rice Burroughs- Lex Barker- Golden Age comic FN --Terry and the Pirates #10 1948- Milton Caniff- Golden Age F/VF --Terry and the Pirates #11 1948- Milton Caniff- Man in Black VF- --Terry and the Pirates #21 1950- Milton Caniff- Headlight cover VF- --Terry and the Pirates #22 1950- Milton Caniff- Harvey Golden Age --Tim Holt Comics #20 1950- Redmask Origin- Ghost Rider VG --Tim Holt Comics #5 1949- Frank Bolle- Golden Age Western FN- --Tim McCoy #17 1948- Charlton Western- Phantom Ranger VG --Tim McCoy #18 1948- Charlton Western- Jimmy Wakely- Mario DeMarco VG --Tim McCoy #18 1948- 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SCOTT CAMPBELL COVER- 0299933006 --AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Vol.2 #19 CGC 9.8 2000.-VENOM COVER - 0299933004 --American Splendor #10-1985-CGC 9.6-Harvey Pekar-Val Mayerick 0295753002 --American Splendor #3-1978-CGC 9.8-Harvey Pekar-Robert Crumb 0295753009 --American Splendor #4-1979-CGC 9.8-Harvey Pekar-Robert Crumb 0295753008 --American Splendor #5-1980-CGC 9.4-Harvey Pekar-Robert Crumb 0295753007 --American Splendor #6-1981-CGC 9.6-Harvey Pekar-Gerry Shamray 0295753006 --American Splendor #7-1982-CGC 9.6-Harvey Pekar-Robert Crumb 0295753005 --American Splendor #8-1983-CGC 9.6-Harvey Pekar-Robert Crumb 0295753004 --American Splendor #9-1984-CGC 9.4-Harvey Pekar-Robert Crumb 0295753003 --BATMAN #293-CGC 9.4 1977-DC-SUPERMAN--LEX LUTHOR- 0295748004 --BATMAN #314 CGC 9.8-1979-DC Two-Face cover-comic book 0295750004 --Batman #323 CGC 9.6 1980-Bronze Age-Whitman variant- Catwoman 0295747002 --BATMAN #358 CGC 9.6-1983- Killer Croc cover- DC Comic Book 0295749001 --BATMAN #363 CGC 9.8 comic book-FIRST NOCTURNA-0295750002 --BATMAN #367-CGC 9.8 WP-POISON IVY ISSUE-HIGH GRADE DC NM 0295750003 --Batman #52 1949-CGC 4.0-classic JOKER cover- DC Golden Age 1308469013 --Brave and the Bold #61 CGC 9.0-1st S.A. Mist- Black Canary origin 0295758001 --Captain America #1 CGC 9.8 2011- Marvel - Chris Evans photo variant- 0299933002 --Captain America #359 CGC 9.8 1989-CROSSBONES cameo-Marvel 0299933009 --CEREBUS THE AARDVARK #10-CGC GRADED 9.2-DAVE SIM 9.2 0295748005 --Marvel Mystery Comics #81 CGC 4.5 947 Timely comic book- 0227418002 --STRANGE TALES #138 CGC 9.0 comic book-1st ETERNITY- 0299946006 --STRANGE TALES #151 CGC 9.0 1966-DR STRANGE-KIRBY-STERANKO 0299942003 --SUPERMAN #160 CGC 9.2 comic book 1963-DC- 0299942002 --TALES OF SUSPENSE #71 CGC 9.2 comic book-1965-CAPTAIN AMERICA 0299941003 --TALES OF SUSPENSE #77 CGC 9.2 1966-Captain America-Iron Man- 0299942009 --TALES TO ASTONISH #85 CGC 9.0-SUB-MARINER/HULK-MARVEL 0299942006 --Tales To Astonish #93 CGC 9.0 comic book 1967-First ABOMINATION- 0299947001 --TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #2-CGC 9.6-1984-1452276001 --TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #3-CGC 9.6-1985-1451861001 --TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #4-CGC 9.6-1985-1452276002 --THOR 132 CGC 8.0 (A-1) EGO cameo-Comic Book- 0299946004 ORIGINAL COMIC ART --Archie's Girls, Betty and Veronica Annual #7 Page 34 Original Comic Art 1959 --Buck Brand Frontier Marshall Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Art Henri Arnold --Ella Cinders Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art August 21 1949 --Ella Cinders Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art October 9 1949 --Ella Cinders Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art September 11 1949 --Ella Cinders Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art April 3 1949 --Ella Cinders Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art October 16 1949 --Ella Cinders Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art September 18 1949 --Ella Cinders Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art September 25 1949 --Joe Jinks Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art Herny Formhals 1/19/47 --Joe Jinks Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art Herny Formhals 1/26/47 --Joe Jinks Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art Herny Formhals 6/15/47 --Little Audrey 5 Page Original Comic Production Art old ball game Al Kurzrok --Little Audrey Single Page Story Original Comic Production Art- Al Kurzrok --Little Audrey Single Page Story Original Comic Production Art-- Al Kurzrok --Little Audrey -Single Page Story Original Comic Production Art-- Al Kurzrok --Little Audrey Style Sheet Original Comic Production Art- --Little Audrey Style Sheet Original Comic Production Art- hair & expressions --Little Dot Single Page Story Original Comic Production Art- Al Kurzrok --Little Dot Single Page Story Original Comic Production Art--- Al Kurzrok --Little Dot Style Sheet Original Comic Production Art 10 images --Little Dot Style Sheet Original Comic Production Art 9 images --Little Lotta Single Page Story Original Comic Production Art- Al Kurzrok --Little Lotta -Single Page Story Original Comic Production Art- Al Kurzrok --Little Lotta -Single Page Story- Original Comic Production Art- Al Kurzrok --Mary Worth Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art and Color Guide 2/17/74 --Mutt and Jeff Sunday Newspaper Original Comic Strip Art Al Smith 12/9/1962
  3. Adam sold me a great book. Shipped fast too! Thanks!
  4. I don't know anything about it but noticed that DTAcol had one for sale on the bay the other night. He said it was the only one he know of. Guess there are at least two... Thats me. Same copy.
  5. I was the one that bought that book. It is not a Canadian issue per the indicia. It appears to have been a price variant. Take a picture of the indicia and post it here. They must have been testing price. There is no indicia in this book. Does anyone know if there is an indicia in the 10 cent version?
  6. Does anyone know about this 15 cent variant? The only other one I have heard about was in this heritage auction. Is this a Canadian variant or something else? Has anyone seen any others?
  7. Easy to deal with. No problems. Thanks for the book!
  8. Over 9000 Silver-Age books at http://www.dtacollectibles.com
  9. Great idea and site! Quick note on your Amazon results, you should probably change the search department from Books to All Departments as many if not most comics appear to be listed in the Collectibles and Fine Arts department.
  10. Smooth transaction. Thanks again!
  11. Perfect transaction. Thanks a million!
  12. Great seller. No problems. Thanks!
  13. Great transaction, will do business with again.
  14. .... TopNotch is Tyler Alexander of www.dtacollectibles.com out of Florida. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u Correct. The old man, David T., and I are both OSPG advisers.