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  1. you did a really good job on C&P on the books that you've recently posted
  2. a lot of black on those covers. touched corners. 9.2 max
  3. I always think that until I get my submissions back.
  4. I probably should have given it a light C&P. It wouldn't have changed the grade but may have given the front cover a little better presentation. I was scared of needlessly damaging the book. I guess I'm just second guessing myself at this point.
  5. just giving those interested an update. I sent the book off and it came back a 1.8. Photos are under "Famous Funnies #1" in the Brother can you spare a grade forum. I wish it had been a 2.0 but I think the grade is right. There was more wrong with it than I initially thought. Still happy with the way it turned out.
  6. I am excited. I feel the grade given was spot on.
  7. The last 5 are the back cover. Unfortunately, I didn't realize my full back cover photo did not turn out (super blurry) before I packaged it up and sent it off. It should be back Tues or Weds. Thanks for looking. I opted not to do any pressing and hardly any cleaning.
  8. I agree. It should come back a 9.6 unless you get the person that grades my books. Then it may be 9.4
  9. i think it can be cleaned to at least an 8.5
  10. Please check out my Famous Funnies #1 (July 1934). The first 5 pics are the front cover. The last five are the back. My complete back cover pic did not turn out and I did not realize it before I boxed it up to send off. Book is all there but cover is for all practical purpose detached. Thanks.
  11. 9.6-9.8 Where did you find that jewel?!?1