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  1. I agree with 5.0 with a good clean and press.
  2. Cool book. I bet she didn't even have anything important to tell him worth him missing the boat and going AWOL. Very dirty but I think a lot of the dirt will come off. Once deep cleaned and pressed, I say 4.0
  3. I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with a 9.6. Now, 9.4, that's another story. Great book! Awesome.
  4. I agree. Looks like the TRFC corner may be a little rounded.
  5. nice book. a lot better than mine. I'm at 8.5/9.0
  6. looks like a tape pull. Blue painter's tape helps prevent the likelihood of this if it is indeed a tape pull.
  7. 6.0/6.5. could use a little back cover cleaning. Great book!
  8. small crunch on BLFC. slight rounding on corners. 9.2
  9. Please take a look at this beater. I plan on getting it graded just because. Just wondering on what to expect. It’s ugly but it’s all I got!
  10. How does CGC secure smaller sized comics in slabs? I’m thinking specifically about the smaller comics that were Wizard magazine inserts. Thanks.
  11. I personally get any major silver age key graded as long as it’s complete with no torn pieces off the cover. Nice book with unique battle scars. I’d guess 2.0-3.0
  12. I think the ceiling is 6.5 after a good cleaning. 5.5 without one. The back cover should clean up nicely
  13. It would be a shame to slab that book. It has an example of every defect a book can have. What a great learning tool. That being said, 1.5.
  14. I think it will max out after a press at 9.2 if you can get that top left corner to smooth out. It will look great in a slab.
  15. I’m thinking 9.2 due to the color breaking spine stresses.
  16. Possible 9.6 if u can work out that corner crunch and top fc corner. Super sharp black book. I love that series. I even liked the movie
  17. Yep 3.5. Still a huge key. I’d like to have it.