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  1. Enjoy! Thats a nice one!
  2. Im thinking of making this available. If you are interested let me know. DMs are open!
  3. Vintage Horror, some 70s classics. etc. I can shoot you a DM. Just saw your website. Lots of posters and thats only 5%, wowzers!
  4. Are all your posters original first release? I know you said no reprints, but I just want to see if theatrical release posters. Any vintage?
  5. https://www.comiclink.com/Auctions/item.asp?back=%2FComicTrack%2FAuctions%2Fauctions.asp%3FclassCodeSelected%3DCurrent%2BAuctions%26classDateSelected%3D2023-10-13%26dateCodeSelected%3DAll%2BAuctions%26dateDateSelected%3D2023-10-13%26IDUser%3D77762%26auctionSearch%3Dclass%26AuctionDateSearch%3DAll%2BAuctions%2C2023-10-12&id=1720955 CGC 9.4 FF48 White Pages with CVA denotation for extreme eye appeal. One of the sharpest books I’ve ever seen in silver. Ending tomorrow on Comic Link
  6. Im also curious as to how many people have sent their books in for QES or CVA stickers and then asked for their book to be returned so they could then have them auctioned at heritage instead.
  7. Im pretty sure QES, or the company that handles QES is also owned by Metropolis.
  8. Did you request that books you were auctioning be considered for the CVA sticker or did the consignment director suggest it? Also did that require any additional steps on your behalf?
  9. Well this would lead to question if the value placed on high value books for the service was like CGC, which is left to the submitter to decide, and is more for insurance purposes than deliberating costs. Maybe some that have actually submitted the books for the service can chime in on the process and their experience?
  10. This book looks awesome, I’m sure without the sticker you would still be debating whether to CPR it or not, but I’m sure the QES puts you at 60/40 instead of a 50/50. I don’t think thats a bad thing either.
  11. I mean isn’t this the same argument as grading a 1/1 sports card? There is no point in grading it as it is already the highest graded. The ability to place a rating on the presentation of a collectable seems like it could add to its desirability. I’m not saying that people SHOULD or NEED to rely on the CVA or QES sticker, but maybe it gives that piece of mind that it is indeed a wonderful copy. I think every collector has bought a book or two that they have wanted and probably with rose colored glasses. This can help discern if they were desperate or jumped the gun..etc Not saying collectors should be disciplined or whatever I’ll be accused of. Just a thought.
  12. Howdy, I have been tossing around the idea on sending in some GA books for CVA or QES service. What are yall's thoughts? Anyone have any experience sending in books and would like to share their experience? Is this service less or more helpful since there are less copies of GA books vs SA books? Is one better/more revered/respected than the other? Thank! I look forward to hearing what some of the thoughts and shares are!
  13. The best part is the bubble saying "Exciting Climax"
  14. I hear what your saying. Although I don't mind attending a con that has cosplay or celebrities, thats usually something I would do on an unplanned saturday in town with my dad or wife who like to peruse and look at the fanfare and we can joke or be lighthearted about things. Thats not what I want to spend a plane ticket and hotel on. I have been to both collectors summit events and shortboxed live. Shortboxed live had too many "influencers" for my liking, but overall still a good event. The quality of books at those three events have been very good, but then again those are driven as higher end comic shows. Im trying to find the next batch of shows that would be in that realm. From what I hear Heroes and now Baltimore may be it.
  15. I have never been but I've good things. Although I do enjoy a nice local show now and then, I have been trying to peg what shows are the best for rarer and quality books. Since my work usually has be booked pretty heavy in fall and spring, summer and winter are usually my only windows. Texas has some local shows and even the Big Fan Expos can be fun, but I wouldn't deem events like them worthy of traveling for. So just trying to get an idea. Don't want to spend money to travel only to be disappointed with the actual comic selection.
  16. Nick approached me about a book I was selling and turning the deal into a trade + cash. He was easy to talk to and the deal went smooth, would deal with again!