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  1. Richard Evans at Bedrock City has a pretty serious collection, including the earliest known Superman Action cover. Tom Coker is also in Houston (I think.)
  2. Peter usually has to wait until the OU football schedule comes out, so he knows when the hotel will be available. Usually in the spring.
  3. Honestly, if I don't show up to OAF with a box of free comics I found by the side of the road, then what's the point?
  4. The Weird Paper miscreants will be there with our usual selection of weird things made of paper. We'll be sharing our usual blend of surly wisdom and non-sequiturs. Stock-wise, we'll have a lot of new, fresh-to-market original art for sale, and a recently-acquired 90+ issue run of a golden/atom age title. I preach it to every collector I know. OAF is the kind of show us elders remember from the 70s and 80s. Nobody there is selling scented candles or car insurance.
  5. I was deeply saddened yesterday when I heard of Jon's passing. Such a nice guy, and this visit was a collector's dream. (I am the goofy guy in the photos.) I have a couple pages in my art collection from Jon's CC auction, including one of my favorites from our visit.
  6. Weird Paper will be there with our weirdest paper ever!
  7. No problem. This hobby can be fraught with peril, especially in light of the current insane prices.
  8. Since I sold it to you, I'll vouch for it. I sold it for a friend who had been attending comic conventions all over the country since the 60s. It was not his only Cardy -- I have one in my own collection I got from him. I've been collecting comic art for 43 years and I value my reputation, so if something seems the least bit off to me, I won't buy or sell it.
  9. This image is from a current ebay auction with a lot of art, but no one identified. I have some other stuff with this signature, but have never been able to ID the artist. Any guesses?
  10. I know, right? In my mind this is a top-five all-time comic cover.
  11. After 42 years of collecting comic art, and 35 years of having multiple pieces by the other Studio guys, I've finally added a Kaluta... a rather nice one... to my collection. Also picked up two Williamson Corrigan dailies, including one with the first appearance of Doctor Seven. You can look here if ya want. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerynew.asp?GCat=3878