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  1. Bill Paxton is joining the cast of "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" as Agent John Garrett, a high ranking SHIELD operative who used to work with Agent Coulson. According to the press release, Agent John Garrett is a cigar-smoking operative who is not content to sit at a desk and will jump right into the action with Agent Coulson and his most experienced team member Agent May. The four-episode "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" run for Bill Paxton will take place in late February or early March.
  2. Stan the Man is coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., on the next new episode in the first week of February (enough time to catch up, slackers!). Of course, that's not the main crux of this promo for the episode. No, we have some kind of "Astonishing, Series-Changing final act" also being teased. Right after those words? Silenced gun shots and Agent Coulson saying "Hang on, just hang on!"
  3. The rumor now is that the character played by J. August Richards character might become Deathlok.
  4. If you enjoy 30 something angst, long smoldering close-ups, more flashbacks than a bad acid trip and DC characters popping up every episode you'll find it more exciting than a day spent locked in an Orgasmatron. The only thing left to happen is for Susan Lucci to guest star.
  5. He won't be as huge as Harley Quinn because he doesn't have tits.
  6. I liked it. Then again, I'm not as hard to please as some of these other dillheads.
  7. X-Men 141 and 142, but they have already spiked in price. So, that flipping ship has already sailed.
  8. This episode was really good. I particularly liked the last bit.
  9. Point me in the direction of the appropriate butt to smooch so I can get mschmidt level TATs. The ChapStick bill alone would break you.
  10. Sounds like a high print run to me. I guess it depends on how many copies you are trying to sell.
  11. Why use spoiler tags when the title says SPOILER-FILLED in capital letters?
  12. Dear new members, Save yourselves from this Internet succubus. You have been warned.
  13. how is that possible? first place I saw him was in Ironman. Well, that settles it then... (Sunfire first appeared in the X-men in 1970) X-Men #64.
  14. But they will be nameless guys whom I care little or nothing about. I will have no connection to them in the slightest. They will be exactly like the extremis soldiers from Iron Man 3. Who cares. May as well be guys in haz-mat suits. Actually that is a great idea, call them A.I.M. and I would suddenly care more. Is amazing the difference many here would have felt if that guy was Sunfire. It's all make believe.