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  1. Miller's graphic novel Elektra Lives Again blew me away when I was a kid. It's the last time he fully unleashed his talent & effort as an artist, while still at the height of his powers. I love Sin City and his other works, but I feel he's favoured a more minimalist approach ever since.
  2. Nice! Frank Miller's signature is one I would like to have. I loved Ronin too. My single issues of the mini-series went missing somewhere along the way, perhaps borrowed by a friend, but I have the trade paperback collection of it.
  3. Daredevil 227, the 1st issue of Miller's amazing Born Again story arc which was also his acclaimed return to the title which made him a star. Eventually Disney will be adapting it to a TV mini-series Below is the 1st issue of the Give Me Liberty mini-series Miller wrote which is the 1st appearance of Martha Washington. I was curious about it as a kid, but didn't buy it back then. I wonder if it will be adapted to the screen one day as it has a diverse lead character? There were a couple of Martha Washington mini-series which followed this. UPDATE: Just read it. Have to say I found the narrative a bit disjointed and it wasn't particularly engaging. Definitely minor Miller Maybe the series improves later on, but I probably won't be buying subsequent issues.
  4. I know Frank Miller's politics & the decline in the quality of his writing & art in the new millennia has sullied his legacy for some. But during the cooper age in particular he produced awesome, ground breaking work. His Daredevil run is one of the reasons I fell in love with comics. I assumed there would already be an appreciation thread for such a a legendary creator but I couldn't find one through the CGC site search. I purchased a Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 1st print for a bargain price (albeit in mid grade condition) on the weekend which is what prompted me to seek out such a thread. Let's celebrate the work from Frank Millers glory days. Here's a couple of covers from my PC. One of my most treasure books below. 1st appearance of Elektra.
  5. Of all things it appears Spawn #1 (1992) is experiencing a little price climb. I went to a comic market on the weekend and dealers were pricing it at $150 (AUD) for raw standard copies. (I actually questioned this which lead to a fairly awkward conversation). I went away & checked eBay sold listings & it does appear it's consistently selling for higher than the $30 USD high value on Key collector. Around $50 USD from what I can see. So if you've got a pile of them in your inventory, which I know people on these boards would, you might want to pull them out and get busy
  6. I'm a big McFarlane fan as shown by my previous posts in this thread. I have all his big keys, & all but one of the mid-range ones. The one being Amazing Spiderman 315. So why am I missing that one? I honestly don't like the cover and can't bring myself to pay for it. What do you think of it & what would be your choice for worst McFarlane cover?
  7. Yes! Compared to NFTs & most crypto currencies it is a good investment Check out what a smaller set is selling for on eBay
  8. Alan Moore wrote this single issue of Spawn. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago but still haven't read it. I think I've been putting it off deliberately. Apparently he explores the levels of hell and such. Given his deep interest in the occult, it's probably going to be unsettling like some of his Swamp Thing issues which dealt with those kinds of topics
  9. Hi copper age fam Back issues are hard to find in person down here, so when a comic sellers market was held in my city I had to be there and here are a few of the books I picked up. Only minor keys but they've been on my wish list for a long time. A lot cheaper than eBay & no postage too 1st appearance Nocturna 1st Frank Miller Born Again story arc 1st appearance Vindicator - Alan Moore script Frank Miller pin up
  10. While I'm a big fan of the Todd-fathers art, I wasn't really into the Spawn character. Like everybody I picked up the 1st few issues. But there was one book I always regretted passing on. It included Alan Moore writing, a Frank Miller poster, a Spiderman 1 homage cover and even a minor 1st appearance. That was until today.... I picked up this Spawn 8 for a few bucks at a comic sellers market. These type of events are rare down here. Sorry about the glare, I'm guessing this cover has already been shared in this thread somewhere too
  11. I know there's exceptions to everything & it's evil to generalise BUT Canadians are the nicest nationality of people I've ever met
  12. The range of McFarlane issues from 330 - 346 is correct, as confirmed by @Lazyboy info. Todd does the covers (some of which are keys eg. 340, 344 & 345 in particular) & interiors on most of those. Underrated run. Love his grey Hulk
  13. @Comixroc considering McFarlane only did the cover of Batman423 I can really see the appeal of getting the cover only. It think this is the second printing based on the bottom left box. I would also love something signed by the Todd-father, even if it was just a napkin, so this is a cool pick up When it comes to my PC I just try to keep it VF- or better. The fact low grade copies with detached covers quickly sell for $150 AUD even now, says something about the popularity of this cover
  14. Here's a couple more photos. Looking closely at the corner queried there is like a miniscule crease. It's enough to give you OCD The dark background detail of the Mayan ruins is cool but it can also look like possible issues
  15. Hi @JollyComics. I should post some close ups of the top spine corner. The white border of the DC logo looks like a soft corner from a distance. Believe it or not the photos on eBay of the book were actually worse than mine & the packaging when it arrived wasn't great. So I was ecstatic when I pulled it out and found it was a nice copy
  16. Yeah, Bentley's expression pretty much conveys the disapproving vibe of the gathering There were comments like "You wanted comics for Christmas? Weird," "You're still into those things?" My wife commented she wants to sell my collection to buy more jewellery one day
  17. It sucks when comic collectors criticise each other for liking different genres. I'm more of a super hero fan boy, but I remember having my gender questioned because I dared to read a copy of Josie & the Pussycats I picked up at school
  18. I actually looked around for copy of that TP awhile ago. I'd be wrapped if I found that under my Christmas tree
  19. Reflecting on my modest wish list for 2022 I actually ticked off most of them and extra things popped up during the year. Like completing my collection of the big McFarlane keys by picking up Batman 423. It's really an over priced book with a cool cover but I had to have it Thanks again to the amazing boardie for ASM298. The Wolverine & Punisher mini's will roll over to the 2023 list. If we have a full blown 90s style recession and prices really crash I might be able to get approval to buy NM98 & Swamp Thing 37
  20. This year I opened a few comics as presents in front of relations who don't appreciate the hobby. I think comic book shaming is still a thing, particularly for adults There were raised eye brows and a couple of mocking comments. I tried to explain why they were cool books but that just made it worse. After the first 2 I discreetly opened the others when people weren't paying attention. Anyway happy festive season to everyone here. I know you understand the love
  21. Just completed the 2 issue Batman Anniversary set featuring awesome covers and the same beautiful gold banner. Excellent interior art and story on both too. When I was a kid I bought Batman 400 & now as an adult I've just picked up the companion Detective comics issue 526.
  22. Don Newton is one of the most underrated Batman artists. Post your Don Newton art in this thread. Don Newton is the artist who made me love Batman comics as a kid while reading Australian black & white reprints. I didn't realise he was the artist until I returned to comic collecting a few years ago. Neal Adam's was the artist I assumed was responsible for them. He has a gorgeous, flowing style like Adam's. He died young which is probably why I didn't know about him. He is one of the few interior artists who in my opinion is better than some of the cover artists of the issues he did. Sorry Ed Hannigan fans. I've only just picked up a couple of his books so far from late in his career which is strictly speaking in the copper age, but he started and did much of this work in the Bronze age. He did the art on several Batman key issues. Below I've included his classic cover for Tec' 526 & an interior page from Batman 366 the 1st app of Jason Todd as Robin.
  23. I eventually followed this & @grendelbo advise and picked up Classic X-men 1 which reprints my dream grail GSX1 and comes in this stunning Art Adam's cover which is probably my all time favourite team illustration of the X-men. I used to have it as a poster on my wall as a kid. This reprint actually has a little bit of value but I picked it up for a quarter in an auction no one was watching.
  24. Love the Batman vs Joker Walt Simonson cover of this book. The interior art by Don Newton is great too. Just realized the cover photo cuts off the bottom right corner. Doh!
  25. Merry Christmas, my fellow McFarlane fans! Look what Santa brought me The one big McFarlane key I was missing. (Yes I've got ASM 298-301 etc..) I think this thread was born out of a discussion I had with Mr Fantastic about the similarities between the cover of this, Batman 423, and McFarlane's Detective Year 2 covers. This copy has travelled across the globe and now has a loving home down under. I've been wanting it for a long time, but I waited for a solid copy at a reasonable price. If I'm honest with myself it's not a '9.8 candidate'. It's got a few small colour breaking spine ticks but I love it anyway. And the last time one came up for sale over here on eBay it had a freaking detached cover but still sold quickly.