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  1. I had an ASM 291 I believe at the time - CGC 9.8 SS that there was 1/1 on census. It took a couple weeks before it showed up as 2/2 on census data. I could see my graded book on my account but the census didn't change until a little while after pics were taken by CGC and I received my initial comic data. Not sure on the exact time frame between certification and census updates but it's most definitely not right away whereas you can bet they'd be showing the book off right away.
  2. Bit off topic but just wanted to point out that this thread has now made it as far as the original #'d run in The Amazing Spider-man series. Onward to the Legacy #'d pages and to many more!!!!!!!!
  3. I have a lot of nostalgia from buying them off the newsstands and at comic shops and love many of the covers but as far as trying to get them all in 9.8 I could never see the return from collecting them as in the back of my head I was thinking "how many people actually collect PPTSSM???" Left wondering if even breaking even on something that seems to not move too much pricewise upon possibly having to move them later on, I stayed away from Web of and this title but still..... many nice covers. One hell of a collection at any rate and can't blame someone for going on a fishing expedition. Someone with too much money might pay for the convenience of a full collection that well assembled. Who knows. A few of my favorite covers other than the obvious Kraven's Last Hunt and early books in the run were:
  4. So the ASM 240 seller has another beauty up for sale once again quoting legit CGC #s if you check verify # the book appears and in this case the book he has listed unless he pulled it from the slab and ran over it a couple times with his car and then glued a newstand sticker on top of the Direct edition and changed the price box, is most definitely not the same book. LISTING: And then the actual book this seller has input the CGC Slab certification info for below: Why someone with well only 23 feedback but still 100% feedback would do something like this is beyond my best guess............
  5. To be fair the 9 closely resembles the 4 more than any other #. Could be one of the Braille using graders. After reading through this thread I'm sure there's a few.
  6. The thread that keeps on giving or .... taking "ME"s
  7. 2008 grading for the book in question so you'd be correct on that assumption. Personally I've had the labels bending out or folding weirdly inside well on some of those old books too and it annoyed me to the point that I'd sell them rather than waste double money on shipping back and forth just to fix a label that never should have been bending strangely in the case in the first place. Book looks like a 9.8 to me from front scan that was posted at any rate.
  8. Pretty sure during the Meth head who's boyfriend he met in jail arc in this story is when accusations of her stealing books from him had occurred.
  9. Publication year of 2022 in item specifics but some don't look at all details. Shady Acres sales distribution nonetheless
  10. Beautiful shipping costs from US to Canada 101 raw comics ......... Not todayyyyyyyyyyyyy
  11. Very true. There was one during the McFarlane opp that Todd nearly signed over Stan's signature due to the darkness of where it was and then made a remark about it on the book of some sort. I tried to look up the book in the McFarlane signing thread from awhile back but all the videos are unavailable and think I saw it during one of them.
  12. 4 of the 5 Frenz submissions. Didn't bother to post the book that dropped from a 9.8 blue to a 9.6 yellow
  13. Yeah it baffled me to say the least. Had me looking up Shooter to see if he was in any way involved in any comics related to Street Fighter but I came up empty. The head scratcher of the day But yeah as you said maybe someone wanted some kind of customized Gwen. Green turtle neck type shirt and that shaped hat was just too much coincidence but that may be all it is in the end. Definitely nothing to do with that area or arc of the ASM though yeah.
  14. Cammy came out 10 years after this book was done and it definitely looks like her I don't know
  15. Maybe it started out as Gwen and he messed the head up and had to convert it to Camie using the hat to cover up some mishap
  16. First of all This book is not mine. I am always keeping an eye out for a good SS 9.8 copy and saw this upcoming in a CL auction. I am only posting it as it strikes me very freaking odd that Shooter would draw a Cammy from Street Fighter sketch on an ASM key book. I'm curious if someone paid for a sketch and Shooter just decided to go about adding this to the book or if someone actually would have requested something this bizarre Anyway here's the book.
  17. One thing's for sure. If someone tries to press that book again, it might end up a smear on the press. Time to shut that down at 9.4.