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  1. Just posting so this is easy to find while I contemplate that pulp. Good looking books either way though!
  2. Yea, if you have it, and it's in good condition, I'd take that also if you're selling.
  3. Awesome, that's what I figured, wasn't sure if I just missed something. Thanks!
  4. A lot of them don't have grades. Are non-graded just assumed to be NM'ish?
  5. These guys are awesome: Bronze and Modern Gods
  6. I usually just go straight alphabetical. Then, as new books come in they go in their own boxes. At some point I then go back and re-arrange alphabetically again. Not the most streamlined method, but it works for me. I'm selling off a lot of my collection though so now it will, hopefully when I'm done, be down to 3-4 long boxes, 1 or 2 graded boxes, and maybe a golden age/magazine box or 2 at most at any given time. Then, I'll keep them alphabetical as I go.
  7. Great transaction with Kevin. He made a great offer and was easy to deal with throughout. Much appreciated!
  8. I could see going with a Katee Sackhoff signed BG1 or something along those sorts of lines. Depends on the book, etc...
  9. I've had CGC shipments both taken to the PO, and just left at the front door without signing. Honestly, I'm ok with it, who really wants to interact with anyone right now? Though I think that's starting to go away with people getting vaccinated, etc... I did also set up electronic signature online, so if I want to I can sign it there in my Informed Delivery and they don't have to look for me. Haven't used it yet, but it's a nice option.
  10. There's a glut of modern horror comics coming out. Something is Killing the Children, Ice Cream Man, etc... If you like those kinds of books, not only are they a fun read, but there's a potential for explosive growth. For some reason a lot of them seem to be taking off. Of course, that could be totally short lived and they could be worth nothing in a year. Like KCO said, if you want a true investment, blue chip SA Marvel keys are probably your huckleberry.
  11. I was hoping they'd let you submit posters for the SS events. Like, an Avengers poster with the actors who played Vision, Wanda, Loki, etc.. would be awesome. But, no.
  12. Good call, I don't think I saw/paid attention to that before. I made a mistake when I first started doing this, I didn't realize they "cared" I sent some of the free priority mail envelopes with media mail postage. They came back to me after about 3 days with postage due on them. Instead of paying priority for all of them I got normal boxes and resent them media, but it was a lesson learned. I'm not sure of the consequences involved, if any, but in my experience (that 3 or 4 package shipment over 2-3 days) they just charge you the difference again. But, might not be worth the risk, no doubt. I dunno if there are actual federal statutes for that specifically. Luckily the gemini's I use can hold a good amount of books, so I have been using them recently. The free boxes are nice, and I'd hate for the PO to start charging for them
  13. On a side note. if you REALLY want to save money on shipping supplies for lots, or other things aside from comic books. Request the medium flat rate priority boxes (For comics these are great. there are a large assortment of other sizes for other things as well, including the larger rectangular boxes, I forget the designation, that work great for slabs) from USPS, grab a roll of the stuff linked below, and wrap the priority boxes in it like it's a present. Then mail it as a brown package Media or First Class.:) With free boxes your expenses then come down to tape, printer ink, paper, and bubble wrap. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079VQWKNT
  14. Yep. I use Media for lots or TPB/HC's only. 1-3 comics (maybe 4 if they are smaller ones and go under the weight limit) can go First Class, even in a gemini. That's usually the best option, cause then you can do padded envelope + cardboard for 1 or 2 also, save even more on your supplies.
  15. Yea, I dunno. I have never gotten screwed by shipping. I do first class for 1-3 books, if it's on eBay, they usually charge about $1.75 more than the actual label costs. The box + supplies (tape, maybe bubble wrap, and a box) might cost $1. If it's media mail, I charge a flat rate of $7, covers anywhere from $2+ to $5+ for media depending on how far it's going + the shipping supplies, etc... Priority is the easiest, cause the boxes are free. So if something goes priority I literally am paying for the piece of paper + ink to print the label, a couple squares of bubble wrap, and some tape - maybe some extra packing material to fill in a box, but that's almost always junk mail/coupons/fliers anyway.. And @Math Teacher, yes it's technically against USPS policy but it is not illegal. If they do "catch" you, all they will do is charge you the difference from Media to Priority. if it costs you $7 once in 1000 shipments, but 200 of those shipments might not have happened without lower cost shipping. Well, you're a match teacher, you know how that math works
  16. Yea, it's a risk for sure. But like I said, if the possibility of USPS noticing and charging me an extra $7 over Media Mail for one shipment equals me selling even 3 or 4 more of the lots at a higher price because the shipping is palatable, it seems worth it to me.
  17. I think I bought this here on these boards a few months ago for $30 or $40, with full intention of keeping it because I liked the artwork. But, I decided to do some cleaning out a month or 2 after I got it, and decided that it was maybe superfluous to what I wanted to keep. So, I sent it off to MCS: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=53339314
  18. https://www.cgccomics.com/submit/services-fees/cgc-grading/?view=trading-cards
  19. I've recently started selling small lots on eBay as well. Anywhere from 5-13 books or so, trying to keep the number manageable. I almost always do auctions for them. I price them in 1 of 2 ways, if it's a "hot" mini-series (like JLA/Avengers) I'll look at recent sales and price accordingly (just had a sale of that lot for $60'ish). If it's just a random run or assortment of a copper/modern/maybe even bronze title then I initially price at a dollar a book, regardless of what it is, and then lower accordingly as the 7 day auctions don't sell. I just started a couple of weeks ago so I have no concrete data over time, but it does seem to be working so far. Sold a few of the mini series, and a few random runs/lots of Avengers. Have quite a few Avengers lots still going, so I'm seeing how that goes. I do offer media mail for lots though. I figure the off chance of 1 getting stopped and me charged for it is probably less of a risk than the sales I might lose by only offering priority or somesuch.
  20. So, you're all saying no to a Benedict Cumberbatch signed ST 110?