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  1. Thanks guys and the 9.4 is the NYCC colour variant - sketch with colour
  2. Thought I'd share the results of my first batch of Bedlam submissions with you guys - Larry's Special cover - 9.8 Sketch cover - 9.8 Second print - 9.8 Forbidden planet - 9.8 Q Variant cover - 9.4 Really happy to have a (mostly) good start to the set
  3. They're awesome, thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks for the heads - up off to find and record that bad boy (thumbs u
  5. Yeah, what everyone else said and I really like the display cabinet
  6. Frankly that's insanity You cannot class an advertisement as a first appearance, ... unless it includes a couple of pages of preview story, but that could still be loose. A first appearance must be in panelled art of the printed book Speculators cannot change the laws of the universe to drive up prices ! - The End
  7. Yeah an issue that looks six months into the future focusing on Harper Row - her transition to costumed hero, and Batman Eternal
  8. I've been lurking in this thread since the beginning and loving looking at everyone's great statues and yesterday took the first steps into addiction with a Kotobukiya Artfx 1/6th DKR Batman statue, it was in one of my local shops and after reading this thread I couldn't say no !! I also have a hold on the 'Killing Joke' Joker statue to compliment it
  9. The 9/10 is stumping me too, I must've emailed at least a dozen sellers about the back cover, hoping for a 'it's the AMC one' reply, but no luck
  10. I've been quite lost as to what to do with this series (as someone who's loved it enough to collect every print and variant) whether to drop it and move on or hope it gains some consistency in release dates, but reading this interview gives me new hope. I believe that this is worth one more chance, so roll on next year...
  11. Yeah, nice books, I can't wait until the new year so I can start buying again!
  12. In the introduction to the first TPB 'Days Gone Bye' Kirkman states that this story is wholly based around Rick and is a chronicle of his life post apocalypse and his struggles, everything and everyone else is secondary. I firmly believe that as long as this comic is in print, up until the final issue, Rick will be in it. Rick stays Carl becomes Rick's greatest adversary Rick ends up having to put Carl down Rick wades into a mega-herd with nothing more than a warm butter knife End credits... issue #300
  13. I think due to it's complete mancaveness and collections, that room has moved into my top 5 all time showcase rooms - feel the love bro
  14. I just got a sweet #80 photo variant 9.6 in the mail that's my favourite variant cover, so iconic - reminds me of why I fell in love with TWD
  15. I finally got a #53 arrived yesterday, in such lovely minty condition I just sat and stroked it for a while like blofeld's cat ! Only £42 in an auction, UK only seller, I buy almost everything WD he sells, as no more than two people ever seem to bid on his auctions (even thou everything is in excellent condition), which is good for me - not so good for him
  16. Really nice stuff Garf and what sounds like a great experience
  17. That is some hardcore collecting right there, kudos
  18. Yeah, check out the details - http://www.thewalkingdead.com/abraham-arrives-at-amc/