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  1. Loving that cover, just got me one ordered - cheers (thumbs u
  2. A surprising mix of gritty and surreal, swearing didn't bother me it was just like a saturday night out with the lads
  3. Then you are sane. Fixed I love Curry sauce on chips! On chips alone is not bad, but on fish AND chips is a bit much After 2 months of dieting my wife has asked where I want to go to celebrate my Birthday. My answer was simple. Sitting on the sofa, watching Avengers Assemble and eating Fish, Chips and Curry sauce, all washed down with a Peroni or 12 Isn't there something "else" also happening on the Birthday? I think indigestion will put paid to that...
  4. I forgot to ask. Scraps are only for us northern folk, don't let the southerners know or there be none left
  5. Okay, it's seems to have cooled off a little bit now. I'm the official United Nations mediator for comic affairs and I'm calling a truce, no more arguing of any kind, take it to PM's if you want a biatch fest. This thread was one of my favourites and it's been ruined by weener jousting, if this doesn't stop the thread will be locked and I'm going to miss out on all those great books I've picked up lately that have made me some dough, so please, for the love of God - no more, you're costing me money
  6. Thanks. When looking to the future my wife sees grandchildren, I dream about empty rooms
  7. You're very lucky, I've had to downsize considerably to accomodate my 15yr olds demand for a seperate bedroom from his 10yr old brother So I've gone from a rull room to this... Welcome to my 'comic hallway', got rid of six boxes of comics and about 200 boxed figures so I could fit. Just enough room for three book cases, 2 on the left wall and a smaller one to the right damn those pesky kids !!
  8. Arrived today with one small area of pinching on the spine, what ya gonna do? I still love it
  9. This thread is about the potential for a good read, I felt the story might have some merit for those of us who enjoy crime - cop - redemption type storylines, with a bit of weird thrown in. Discussion is all I hoped to encourage, this is not a 'modern that is heating up' thread, I noticed it and liked the premise, do you?
  10. I was wondering if anyone is going to pick up this limited series from Image. It's about a broken down cop turned hitman for the mob and a tiny blue horse called 'Happy'. I've just finished a Soprano's fest on DVD and saw this book on comiXology, it seems to have potential...
  11. Hi guys, first post on this thread, I thought you might like to see a couple of my recent submissions My missus was hacked off with the master of kung fu #41 as we both thought it would grade much higher Fyi these are two of the rarest 30 cent variant books
  12. The DF variant? I assumed that was the book it sells right around $30-50. If Wolverine is on the front cover thats the DF variant. It was the DF chrome variant limited to 3000 copies, with a cover swipe of X-Men #94. I bought it!! It was in excellent shape and these usually grade 9.6-9.8 I got it to get it CGC'd, only 12 @9.8 and they sell well, should double my money... well almost
  13. Anyone found a HG #297 or #303 they want to part with recently?
  14. Kudos once again to top guy Beachbum for four sweet 9.8 UXM's
  15. I was looking at this book the other day in a thread and thought it was a real beaut' nearly made me cross the divide!
  16. That got to be the coolest signature art on a comic that I have ever seen! I hope that atleast the comic was good (I've never read it)... Anyway that is awesome! That really blows me away, fantastic commission - worth every cent
  17. Finally picked up a UXM #255 CGC'd, not a 9.8 but boy this book is damn hard to find in high grade
  18. For the books that I have on shelves (stacked) I always lay the spines opposite. I noticed from collecting early that the boards do start to gain a curve otherwise and ergo so must the books
  19. I'm really surprised to hear this as I have dealt with them on many occasions (not as many as you, thou) and their grading has always seemed spot on, if not undergraded at times. I hate to hear stories like this thou where the honest buyer is 'not always right', good luck