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  1. Ducks might win it all. Florida still owns or though hehe "Florida still owns or though hehe" What?? Florida owns OU Don't know OU, but Florida State will be left holding their own bags after meeting Marcus Mariota and the UofO ducks come new years day!!!
  2. Ducks might win it all. Florida still owns or though hehe "Florida still owns or though hehe" What??
  3. Dear Gator! Two parts to this post...first uhmm How bout them Ducks now!!! Second...Suck it!!
  4. How about this one as a possibility - World's Finest Comics # 40 - http://www.comics.org/issue/7532/ Check out the 12 page Batman story titled: 4 Killers against Fate. I'd see your synopsis matching quite nicely with that title. Scrooge my man, perfection! That is indeed the story!! Now to go find the book! Thank you!
  5. Beauty of a book!!! So question?? I remember reading a comic in fact I believe it was the very first G.A. I read as a kid! It was missing cover, but I believe it was a World's Finest and an early issue at that. Anyway it had a batman story, and now that I am restarting collecting after a 4 year hiatus I want to collect books that have meaning to me personally or bring back some nostalgia that rings to me specifically! The story involved a few men who were scheduled to be executed for certain crimes and escaped. As the great detective hunted these men down each was killed via fate in the same matter as the executions planned. It was great story, any help to issue would be appreciated! Paul
  6. Very Cool Peter...congrats...Herd Slimming...you might need to sale your first born.
  7. Thanks guys! I have been working real hard just trying to stay afloat financially. Been staying in comics a little via my ebay store, but would like to be just a collector again..... Soon I hope! Life has been busy different raising kids without a partner, been playing a lot with kids as weather has allowed. Anyway good to see you guys, I am gonna try to come on more and stay involved. Anything new around here? Anyone else have anything cool that I missed?
  8. just killin' time, waiting for you to return (thumbs u AAWWWWH Shucks, that is sweet of you...actually love you guys. Just been pretty busy surviving. Paul
  9. Roy, I see you and Gator have been lurking and posting a freaking lot!!!!! Wholy Shizzle
  10. Let's all rent a hot tub and jump in together! Maybe not. I can think of two reasons to get in a Hot Tub with you, but they are both on your womans chest!!! So you might not want me in the tub...
  11. I don't even know when San Diego is? Maybe...If I can bunk with some sexy guy and not have to pay for room....
  12. Yeah, I am alive....barely...! Wish I could go to Chi Town, but can't afford it right now. Would love to see you guys. Paulie
  13. He He...he said beat...and it almost looks like torch is well...nevermind. what, you come out of months of hiding, and this is the post we get Yeah, but would you really expect any less? I have a reputation to uphold here and while most might shurk their responsiblities to ignight a course and crude post...I will not, can not, and most certainly will at every chance I get. Paulie
  14. He He...he said beat...and it almost looks like torch is well...nevermind.