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  1. Is there another "club" here, that has anywhere near 623 pages? And a second tier character at that.
  2. I only have one of those, and I will sell it for $1 to anyone. Plus shipping.
  3. One could only assume so. Since they are laid out at a comi-con.
  4. Laying those books out like that, and posting the pic on the internet. Might just be the worst business sense I have ever seen in this hobby.
  5. Well, my one copy of MTU #1 just lost 8/10th's of its value. Oh well. I didn't speculate on that one anyway.
  6. Of course I want a super model in my bed. But I'll settle for the girl next door, if she is nice looking and reasonable. Do you prefer the girl next door to be white, off white, or tan? I prefer tan. But if the presentation is good. I'll take any of the above. I won't take brittle though. I don't want to hurt anyone.
  7. Don't know if you aware of this. But there are "sample" cards out there. That show the different variations. You can put the card next to the pages of a book, and compare the pages to the various shades on the card. But those cards are not from CGC. Their are from Overstreet. Off white sure looks cream to me (on these cards). https://www.gemstonepub.com/p/88163/owl-card
  8. . Depends on the issue. And the price. If you are waiting for a Showcase #22 with white pages. You might be waiting quite awhile. Of course I want a super model in my bed. But I'll settle for the girl next door, if she is nice looking and reasonable. And besides. My definition of cream colored, is often not CGC's definition of cream colored. They are both opinions. Not facts or laws of nature. And whatever happened to "tan/off white"? Is that different than "cream/off white"?
  9. I have so many awesome bronze Batman's and Detective's (there are sooo many of them). That I don't know where to start. It seems silly to start with Bats 227 and Tec 400. Because they are legendary. Maybe I'll find the time to scan many of the others.
  10. Well, I agree with Game of Thrones. Two episodes made me lose any interest in it. I'm more of a "Tyrant", "Ray Donovan", or "Bing Bang Theory" kind of viewer.
  11. I've never understood the allure of this TV show. But I admit I only watched two episodes of it, and I think that was during its first year on TV. I just don't care much for zombies or anything similar. They bore me. Too slow and too easily defeated. I watched the "Night of the Living Dead" last night. For about ten minutes. Man, was that bad. Now give me a good werewolf or vampire movie, and I'm there.
  12. Y'all are more childish than I am. And that is sayin' something. Let it go fellas. These are comic books.
  13. This isn't true, you know this isn't true, it's been explained repeatedly why this isn't true, but you keep on repeating things that aren't true. Jaydog, why do you keep doing this? It has been explained why this isn't true, yet you keep repeating it as if it is. Why? Are you aware you're doing it? Are you a student of propaganda, which says to just lie, lie, lie, and the longer and more boldly and often you lie, the more likely it is to be believed? What you have said IS NOT TRUE. The 9.2 price you're comparing is from 2005, and you're comparing it to a price from 2014. You CANNOT make that comparison without including that information. It is DISHONEST to continue to do so. If a 9.6 shows up, do you think it will sell for LESS THAN a 9.4? If a 9.8 shows up, do you think it will sell for LESS THAN a 9.4? If you are interested in being taken seriously around here, stop repeating things that are patently untrue. There are five 9.4 Cerebus #1s, not three. The book has sold four times, as recorded at GPA, in ten years, not three. Details matter. And as stated multiple times, in multiple ways, no, that is NOT the argument that is being made. GPA data is just one source that the OPG uses to determine values. Hulk #181 does NOT "blow it out of the water" in any grade above 9.0. There aren't "pro-cerebus" folks. There are "pro-fact", "pro-reason", "pro-logic" folks. So? Is demand more or less valid based on why it exists? "Oh, THAT price doesn't count, because he's buying it as a trophy piece!"...? And "single highest graded" means there is ONE copy at the highest grade. "Single" refers to the quantity of the slabs, not the quality of the height. No. It doesn't work that way. Sorry, Jaydog, but it's not. But you keep repeating it, and I'll keep disputing it. That's not what "single highest grade" means. That IS what "single highest grade" means. Because there's a SINGLE copy in that grade. A "boatload"? I don't think you really understand what the 9.9 and 10 grades really mean. You just contradicted yourself in one breath. If it's rare, it's not going to have a lot of sales data. Not "no." Just not much. And you are mischaracterizing the situation for your own argument yet again: OPG doesn't use "mysterious, off the books sales"...there's nothing "mysterious" or "off the books" about it: GPA isn't the sole source of information that the OPG uses. How do you think Overstreet came up with prices for 3 decades before CGC and GPA existed? ~ ahem ~ Continuing on.... I have to say this again: comparing "top grades" is not appropriate when those top grades are not the same "The top grade for Book X is 6.5, and the top grade for Book Y is 9.8, so it's valid to compare the value of a 6.5 against a 9.8, because they're both "top grade." That is self-evidently false. You use the language of the propagandist very well, Jaydog. You use emotionally charged words like "hyping" and "whine" and "mysterious" and "knock"...none of which anyone has done. This has been a sober discussion, and no one has resorted to hyperbole, speculation, and emotionally charged buzzwords to discredit the opposing argument except you and some of those making the same argument. "Well, what if THIS, and what if THAT, and what if the OTHER??" It's not about "What ifs"...it's about what IS. It is not an "apples to apples comparison" to compare the value of a book in 9.4 to a book in 9.9. Repeat: It is not an "apples to apples comparison" to compare the value of a book in 9.4 to a book in 9.9. "Long after the book crashed"...? Did you really just say...on this message board...that the value of Hulk #181 "crashed"...? Really? This is not a valid comparison. You cannot compare a 9.2 to a 9.8. In 9.2 and above? Clearly, the Cerebus #1. I thought we established this pages ago. Comparing a 9.4 to a 9.9 is not a valid comparison. Again: Comparing a 9.4 to a 9.9 is not a valid comparison. Comparing a 9.2 to a 9.8 is not a valid comparison. Again: Comparing a 9.2 to a 9.8 is not a valid comparison. This is not true, as has already been explained ad nauseam. Words literally fail to express the depth of astonishment I feel at reading such a statement. You literally made my jaw drop when I read this statement. No one "won't acknowledge the possibility of price dilution", because that is precisely WHY Hulk #181 is worth less. There is more SUPPLY. That's the "supply" part of "supply and demand." Jaydog, seriously man. Seriously. Please stop using propaganda words like "trumpet" and "salivate." You can make your point without resorting to propaganda, honest. In "the real world", Cerebus #1 in 9.2 and above is worth more than Hulk #181. Period. When did Hulk #181 tank? (Nevermind, you don't answer direct questions anyways.) Yes, let's please not lose sight of the big picture and common sense. Cerebus #1 is a more valuable book than Hulk #181 in high grade, for all the reasons already well explained. No "what ifs". No hyperbole. That is the reason why it is in the top BA list ahead of Hulk #181: because it is worth more in high grade. The numbers don't lie. I just do not want to imagine that you actually believe all of this. Thank you RMA, you did not fail to disappoint. But before I leave you to this thread and your beloved copy of Cerebus 1, I will say this... 1) Prior to ebay, GPA, the internet, and cell phones, Overstreet relied on reports from dealers and LCS for its data. Guess what dude, it's 2014 now. He MAY still get SOME info that way still, but the vast majority of data is readily available to the public, and easily verifiable by anyone in this day and age. 2) The most recent sale of a Hulk 181 beats anything a Cerebus 1 has ever sold for in a 9.2. Don't have any public sales in a 9.2 for a Cerebus 1 in nearly 10 years? That's not Hulk 181's problem. Anything you "think" a 9.2 would go for now is just speculation. But estimates have been 2500-2800, based on the recent, verifiable sale of an 8.5 (fourth highest graded) which could barely eek out a meager $850. 3) When did Hulk 181 crash? Remember when a 9.8 was going for 20 grand? Oh, okay. 4) People don't pay a premium to have the highest graded example of a book, regardless of what that "highest grade" might be? Really RMA? For someone who purports to carry the torch for "facts" and "truth", you are so frequently WRONG it boggles the mind. Instead of seizing on minutiae to distract from the point, let's try staying on it: New Mutants 98, 10.0 anyone? GL 76, 9.6? Hulk 181, 9.9? ASM 194, 9.9? Avengers 4, 9.6? All of these "single highest grade" copies sold for EXTREME multiples of their next highest graded counterparts. Hey my man, just out of curiosity, what do you think that "highest graded" Action 1, 9.0 on ebay will go for? You think the buyer will end up paying a premium for that? Do you think that it will matter to him that there's another 9.0 on the census? It's still the "Single highest grade" available for the book. I didn't say the "single copy with the highest grade". See the difference between the two terms now? So why do you think this is not a phenomenon that is in fact, very real and palpable, and why do you think it doesn't apply to the ONE grade (the highest), that Cerebus 1 currently out-sells Hulk 181 for (and pardon me, FIVE copies in ten years, because that makes such a big difference to the point than three copies in ten years)? Why do you think it doesn't apply? Because it is inconvenient to what you evidently need to believe about this book. You're right, no one needs to make a case for Hulk 181, the book stands on its own as one of the pillars of the entire hobby. Deal with it. It's the Cerebus 1 that needs the apologists, qualifiers, bargaining, excuse-making and a dozen caveats for it to have any kind of relevance beyond the collections of die hard devotees. Which is, as I said before, also good for the hobby, but not in the same way that Hulk 181 is good for the hobby, and not on anywhere near the same level. You can go on and on about how the 5 copies of Cerebus 9.4 are "worth" more than a hulk 181 in a 9.4, because at this point, that's all you have left to hang your hat on I get it. But under no circumstances could any unbiased, reasonable person say that Cerebus 1 is more "valuable" than Hulk 181. -J. I've already addressed all of this, and you remain incorrect. There's really nothing more that can be said about ground already covered. I'm still waiting for your weighted analysis of Hulk #181 in all grades. A diatribe against Cerebus #1 isn't a weighted analysis. I would like figures, in all grades, which is what an analysis is. Leave Cerebus #1 out of the picture, just focus on Hulk #181. I am still interested in this information, if you are willing and able to give it. Just wanted to be in the longest post/quote I have ever seen.
  14. I didn't read all of this Gobbledygook. But if I wanted to make money, I would take the 9.2 Cerebus #1.. If I wanted a book for my collection, and one I would love to show off to non-collectors. I would take the 9.2 Hulk #181. Assuming the prices were similar. A case could be made to buy the Cerebus #1 in 9.2, and immediately sell it so that I could buy a Hulk #181 in 9.4. That IS the game, right?
  15. Stan Lee crinkled my book while signing it. Todd MacFarlane was awesome while signing. Lurene Haines did a nude She Hulk for me, that is awesome. Very friendly and likable person. Everyone else has just been normal and polite.
  16. That was part of my hoard at one time. I don't think I sold it to you, though.... Forgot I had one of these. I got it from RMA in a fund raising drive here on the boards, if I remember correctly.
  17. Double covers ALWAYS bring a premium. I don't understand what the heck y'all are talking about with that 0.00 stuff. Someone may not have an interest, and that is all well and good. But for those that do. They ALWAYS command a premium. Go ahead. Find one and buy it for what a single cover goes for.
  18. Along with the Giant Sized X-Men 1 annual. I would recommend these. This one is getting hot, and is one of the most loved heroes. Can't go wrong if you get a good price. This one is just tough to find. Very tough in higher grades.
  19. I worry about them being glued instead of stapled. Seems that would deteriorate faster than a staple would pull. Giant Size X-Men #1 should be on your list. But it is relatively expensive.
  20. I guess you are looking for flying disks (flying saucers), and not spaceships. Are these supposed to be "spaceships"? Or just futuristic aeroplanes? Seems that the term "flying saucer" didn't come about until the late 40's. But anyway. Here is a 1940 comic.
  21. Since it credits Neal Adams and Murphy Anderson for the cover. Does that mean that Anderson may have taken the photo? I don't have a raw copy to check for any photo credit. My guess is that it was just an old stock photo that was used, and perhaps no one knows who actually took it. Looks to be an early 70's photo though. So maybe Anderson did take it.
  22. Speaking of partial photo Superman covers, by Neal Adams. I accidentally bought two of these in an auction. But I'm okay with that.