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  1. Just got this back from CGC. Purchased it off these boards from @Batarag. He called it VF 8.0 and - Boom! - nailed it. Full gloss, rich colors, spot-on centering. Adventures of Jerry Lewis #97. Batman, Robin and The Joker on the cover. Appearances by Penguin and Riddler. Wow! I did not want to get it slabbed but it was too fragile to handle. All interior pages are held by staples but it's looking delicate. The Off-White pages is actually a relief because I had them as borderline cream. Love it! Don't know why it doesn't bring ASM 50 money. Which would you rather have? Honestly. Only 34 on the CGC Universal census including mine. Only 16 grade higher.
  2. How true. It is a happy memory in my brain, waking up in the hospital recovering from food poisoning and there stood my comforting parents, my Dad holding the copy of Marvel Team-Up #7 that had come in the mail that day.
  3. Here are the pictures of the interior back cover. @joeypost
  4. I noticed the book on the left has a whiter back than the book on the right. A closer comparison: And finally a close-up. It sruck me as more of a yellow difference than a reddish-brown. But maybe that's how light foxing looks? Thanks for your insights!
  5. I'm grateful you've made these books available. I'd even say you're being generous. But one guy snagging all 12 outstanding books doesn't strike me as being in the spirit of "disseminate". I get myself in trouble with these kind of snide, cynical observations. Always have. I don't know why I can't learn to just shut up.
  6. The titles are fantastically funny for the covers. "Men Today" and "Real Men". What kind of snap-shot in time is this?
  7. Oh, so suddenly cow wrangling doesn't seem like such a priority I guess.
  8. Oh....my....god. This is to be the mother of all threads.
  9. I really appreciate the grading opinions. I gave it a 6.0 myself. Here is how I reached that grade. At first glance the book looks pretty good, somewhere between a 6.0 and 8.0. With a quick once over I would say it's closer to an 8.0 so start there. Considering the general wear takes it to a 7.5. Weighing in the heavier defects: the scratches and scraping around the front bottom left takes it to a 6.5. And the bend with tears on the reverse on the top edge near the right corner takes it to be a 6.0. I would really love to send this in to CGC with a clean and press to get it graded so I can get formal verdict on the grade. But it's a structurally strong with white pages and strong staples, a very interesting read with a couple of nice first appearances, and relatively low value, so I'll probably use it as my reader copy. It can easily be read and enjoyed without any fear of handling impacting the grade. The grading opinions were very helpful and gave me something to think about.
  10. Lays flat, still has some gloss to it, staples clean and tight, centerfold tight, probably white pages. Areas to call out on the front cover: numerous scratches along spine at bottom left corner from staple to corner, about 2 inches of scraping along bottom of cover at lower left corner, three-eigths inch light scratch at upper left of issue number, general wear upper left corner, one-half inch light color breaking uneven line below RIC in AMERICA of title, small thumb crease one-fourth inch at Iron Man's left foot. On reverse cover, on top edge near top right corner is a light bend that is one-half inch across and one-fourth inch down in size and bound on both sides by one-eigth inch tears. I have my idea for a grade that I will share once others have a chance to weigh in. Thanks so much for your thoughts and opinions! Front cover close-ups follow: Back cover close-up of bend with tear. Inside back cover view.
  11. Comic book collecting is dead. Dead, I said. Today is a buyers market. It may never be a seller's market again. The comic book collector is an old dude. There will be an increasing number just like you, dumping their collections because they can't take it with them. Younger people have no fond childhood attachment to comics, no desire to put good money into a dead asset, and would rather have the cash then hold onto what was important to departed generations. There are no new collectors. Your buyers will be fellow old dudes; long-time collectors who already have much of what they always wanted. Unmotivated buyers. We are slowly swirling right down the drain.