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  1. This is like a horror movie for baseball cards. Great observations.
  2. MountainG gave advice, "Best advice I can give you is check once a week or less. They are very slow and your cards will not be logged for probably another month or longer. Just a quality of life suggestion, not being a debbie downer or trying to put them down . . ." I totally agree, I understand the dynamic with grading these days so I get the delays, pricing, check-in, delivery dates. Sent in my first grading order with CSG and high expectations. Was doing the checking everyday thing, thinking my order would be checked in upon arrival. Took two months for check-in plus the back time, going on 4 months now, submission page is being updated so I know where my order is. All this to say, ditto to the advice of checking weekly, order will be processed, not like the "olden days."
  3. Yes, looks like bad timing. Never ran into a problem with the site or chat boards. Not a high traffic Chat/Forum but enough traffic to make it worth following and to see active conversations.
  4. I have always wondered (never asked as I probably would not get a straight answer), what would happen if a card while being encapsulate, like a mint 1952 Mantle, had a corner nicked or crushed.
  5. I bet they bring in at least $500K in grading fee's for the convention. Perhaps they should put up a sign at their booth, "Collectors need not bring their cards for grading, investors only please!"
  6. "Click bait," you got me, LOL. Your title is "Dave & Busters," was thinking what in the world is Dave & Busters doing with grading submissions? Turns out you meant "Dave & Adam's." That said, good question!
  7. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. My order arrived April 19th and has been sitting there for two months, their backlog work through date is April 5th which it has been stuck on for weeks. Looking at 2+ months just to get checked in plus grading time. Had I realized would have waited until things "get back to normal," if that will ever happen. I do "get it," with increased demand, desire for graded cards going through the roof. Its just disappointing to see market forces obliterate these services. They certainly will adjust overtime but that time may be months to a year or two. Good luck!
  8. "It’s official! Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG™) is attending the National Sports Collectors Convention, taking place July 28-August 1, 2021, in Chicago . . . On-site grading – Get your cards authenticated, graded and encapsulated at the show. See details below. Space is limited, so submit early." I sure hope efforts are being made to have their backlog of orders caught up before this show. For my two month order that is waiting to get checked in SHOULD be in front of the line of anyone at the show.
  9. Sad state of affairs when I am no longer looking forward to when my cards are graded and returned. Now just waiting for them to be marked as received. Going on two months now since since package has arrived. As CSG is now processing orders received the week of April 5th I am only days/weeks/months away from having my order logged in, wahoo! Excitement mounts! Forget if anything is graded a 10, just looking for that magical moment of package logged in. Oh happy day.
  10. Join the line. Welcome to the club.
  11. Just got an e-mail from Card-Boss offering their AI service for card grading. Is this the future or just a gimmick? If its legitimate and they score a card a 9 or 10 I could see them as a pre-grading tool prior to submitting to CSG or other grading company. Of course no guarantees but could help weed out some cards to be graded or not? Thoughts?
  12. Andy check here: https://www.cgccomics.com/submit/services-fees/cgc-grading/?view=trading-cards
  13. Just checked 5/25/21, CGS is "Now opening trading card submissions delivered the week of March 22, 2021." This is a two month lag time before the grading clock starts. Hopefully, as they hire more staff the lag time of opening will cut down from two months, to a month, to a week (wouldn't that be nice). I have some cards delivered during this period for my first submission, looking forward to seeing how things progress.
  14. Welcome to the club. My order was delivered two weeks prior to yours and still no status update. Hoping this is not the new norm for grading companys (weeks or even monhs just to check in an order).
  15. as of 4/21/21 have your cards been logged in yet?
  16. Never mind. Just called customer service who were quite friendly and helpful. I was instructed to write the number in on the submission form and submit. Packing up cards right now.
  17. Was about to submit my first number of cards to be graded by CSG. Was looking to have a 1993 Topps #98 Derek Jeter card graded. Interesting, the pulldown for the card number goes #1 to #97 (skips # 98 the Jeter card) and picks back up at #99. Does this mean the card cannot be graded? I don't see it on the cards we do not grade list. Any thoughts?
  18. Do you suggest a scissors, brand new razor blade, or a good fold then tear?
  19. PSA just announced 3/30/21 that, "Effective immediately, PSA is temporarily suspending our Value, Regular and Express service levels. This will allow us to fully unbox and receive the recent surge of orders and focus on our most impacted service lines. . . . We will take a tiered approach to reintroducing these service levels. Our goal is to bring all suspended service levels back by July 1, 2021." This announcement puts CSG at an interesting crossroad. Probably a surge in their grading business which is good for them and a chance to show what they can do, that is grade cards consistently, accurately and within reasonable turn around times. Time will tell. .
  20. I'd agree with warren19. The screw down itself could knock the card down 1/2 to 1 point if there are any pressure marks from the plastic pressing down unevenly on the card. Also would hope that the apparent scratch marks are on the plastic not the card itself. If you have the patience and are going to have the card graded you may want to consider turning the screws 1/4 turn daily to release the card over time as not to damage the card (risk is probably minimal anyway). May take a couple of weeks to get it open, just a thought.
  21. Not meaning to criticize PSA and their success in the market place but just asking the question. Will PSA ever be a viable choice for economy card grading? Given now that their grading services are $20.00 per card with over a 7 month wait time for grading, will they ever be back to the $10.00 a card grading services with only a few month turning around time? Or will PSA only now service those with high end cards willing to pay hundreds of dollars for high end cards? Unless there is a massive increase in number of graders and an impressive leap in consistent technology usage it's hard to see them coming out from under their our success anytime soon with affordable grading prices and reasonable turn around times. Yes? No? Looking forward to giving CSG a try and seeing what their market share of grading services becomes.
  22. So how long did it take from shipping to the return of your cards?