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  1. He'll make it right. It does sometimes take a bit for the kid to get with it . He just needs a little hazing.
  2. I tried but couldn't get away with it. And the Dazzler skates away laughing. Queer.
  3. Actually, the change in format was requested by forum members in that original thread in General...Arch didn't make this decision in a vacuum and actively solicited comments/suggestion/feedback in multiple threads. Many of the folks who do the buying and selling here supported the idea of a change, I don't recall who all piped in but I remember Bedrock and foolkiller both supported the idea. Unfortunately, the implementation of the change is awkward and duplicative. I'd like to see "Comics Market - Forum Only Selling Area" broken down as follows: 1) Guidelines/Discussion (it's own sub-forum) 2) Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only 3) Copper/Modern Age Only 4) Misc comic-related items (supplies, statues, TPB's, hardcovers, vintage unused 1965 Peanuts telephone books, etc.,.) 5) Virtual Comic Con (VCC) Hall Please don't get Watson started on his boring rants.
  4. Nerd. Don't you have some old lady's junk to go buy? Yeah , thanks for the reminder.
  5. Congrats ! I cannot believe you received a 9.2 on that ! No offense , of course. If I would have sent it in , I'm sure it would have come back about a 7.0 . I mean w/ that bottom LC and the blunted corners , etc. How do you do it ? Sleeping w/ the graders , are we ?
  6. Don't give up. Foolkiller and Nik don't here till after 5PM and Blue in the 50th state hasn't had lunch yet. Those are the guys that buy those 9.0-9.6 BA DCs. Yeah , Chris , didn't your recent sale's thread go for several days with zero action , and then you sold out ?
  7. Yes you do. (insert mind control gremlin) Your Spock avatar oughta do the trick Bill.
  8. GEEZ ! Thanks , that great info and all , but if I did all that to every book I've ever owned , I sure wouldn't have any time to goof off here ? I've never even paid that much attention to my wife !
  9. Yep , mcmiles is a good egg ! (thumbs u That 9.8 is something....I can't find anything wrong with it. I can definitely see the appeal of high grade bronze.It's amazing that something 35 years old and started out on a spinner rack could be so nice.GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u it's a good duck from a good egg ? ...I know , that's so lame . I take it back.
  10. Sweet mother of Mitra! That's a bronze gem I'd love to have "sweet mother of Mitra" ? ..... man , I've never seen you quite that exited ! .......
  11. Buy something from me , and I'll make sure your screwed like never before. Whooooo-haaaaaa-haaaa-haaaaa-ha---ha..
  12. What's the source for that Ditko quotation? His mouth. :think:
  13. Nice pickup bro Yep ! , with your name being "Poker Kid' , I think you need that book ! (thumbs u
  14. And he left on your bike :roflmao: , ....yep ! ..Very rich Sub. (thumbs u