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  1. Thanks dude! Doin great. On I- phone. Can't wait to get back to my fav place. Been opening new estate sale outlet. B~
  2. A little bit of proof (like this supposed correspondence between nuffsaid and BL's dad) would be a good start for batfella here. Even that proof isn't really necessary, because buttheadcollectibles outright states that there was no agreement. No one "agrees" to "yeah, you know, whatever the grades and prices are, it doens't matter, I'll buy them all." So, in that respect, there was no "deal" to begin with. His feedback is proof enough ! Nuff-said. Seriously !
  3. No, THIS is your feedback. Tool. 108 negatives !! Unbelievable !!! We don't need invoices,correspondence,e-mails,etc. for proof. 108 NEGS !!!! Nuff-said !
  4. Google recent news re: Chesapeake Energy's "promise" to "agree" "contract" made to potential whinning oil/gas royalty owners. B~
  5. Please take the Caps-lock off. Really. Just list them on E-Bay and quit whinning. Tool. B~
  6. Um , ..I'm sure your going to get a load of requests from folks here wanting to do business with you.
  7. He added his own "Custom Shilling Clause" ! Classic.....
  8. If someone told me to look out for , or even to get any items that I may see in our estate sales for them , I would , however I sure wouldn't be spending time,energy and $$ on these items. People's needs,desires,and priorities change. PERIOD ! No business(that's in bus. ) operates on that "but you told me scenario". Guy's silly... I think I'm gonna place a few dozen orders for him to slab some books for me.
  9. You can buy parchment paper from the supermarket, too. (In the same aisle where you find the aluminum foil and plastic wrap.) It's essentially the same thing as the silicone release paper that conservators use. Their are cheaper substitutes but why would you want to use them? **Look up the word "cheapskate".
  10. ..speaking of goons. What up Dice-man ! Speaking of pressing experiments... What up, hooker? Nada My wife's been angry and mean to me all day b/c she had a dream where I had a girlfriend ! JEEEEEZZ!!
  11. Good to know Brian, you do realize this thread is from 06 right? Sorry , just popped on for a moment. I WAS curious why you were asking b/c I remembered you being the resident expert on the subject. (thumbs u
  12. Nice job! (thumbs u Kenny , The warping is removed by allowing it to cool under pressure such as a stack of books. Now , from preventing the back from looking like a waffle , your on your own. I haven't tried correcting that , or pressing since I got yelled at, questioned several mos. ago. (thumbs u B~
  13. All of the above! Or a smart-alick comment from Comicopolis ? That would be smart alec Smart alec.
  14. All of the above! Or a smart-alick comment from Comicopolis ? 4,997
  15. All of the above! Or a smart-alick comment from Comicopolis ?
  16. Well , I've never really looked at the count more than a couple of times but it looks like I have 5 to go to reach 5,000 ! Do I receive a "No-Prize" or anything ? Or just a groin punch from Seanfingh ? Or a :censored:u from Greggy ? Or a tanning , Barbie/Ken rib from Watson ? Or a long-winded confusing ramble by Cloudofwit ? Or a disturbing picture from Flee , Beau , Bosco or Makmorn ?
  17. that is actually sweet -- i cant believe i used sweet on something Greggy posted -- but sweet the nothingless (thumbs u Do you usually use it on your tricycle or your bicycle Greg ?
  18. I need to raise some $$ , so I will be listing about 50 of my SA ""cool cover" books which I have doubles of. *Mostly fairly high grade ! As always , good prices , offers by PM OK. and 100% $$ back guarantee for any reason. They include: ... Many Avengers - #'s - 20,73,75,80,87 & 89 * 8.0-9.0 range; and Caps #101 - 113 *8.0-9.0 range. Several TTA's #'s - 87,95,98 & 100 * 8.0-9.0 ; TOS #93 *7.5 N. Fury/Shield #1 - #5 *All 9.0 range ASM's #'s - #47,54,120,125 *8.0-9.0 range FF's - #58,64,68,71,73 * 8.0-9.0 range Gl #76(5.0) & 79(9.0) Tower of Shadows #1 (Adams) (9.0), Det. #364 *9.0 , Iron Fist #1 *6.0, Iron Man #128 *8.0, IMSM #1 *7.0 , Wolv. #1 *9.0 , Batman #200 (8.5), Hawkman #5 (8.5), JLA #19 *8.0 *GA - Space Adv.'s #13 (Blue Beetle) *9.0 ** Feel free to request which scans to work on 1st and/or grades. B~
  19. Yes , very important ...... As a matter of fact , I spend much of my time trolling for newbies with under 100 post or so . ...I find them much more gullible , and I can pick on them much more than let's say a Seanfingh or a DiceX w/ out the unwanted lash-back , and more importantly they find me quite humorous because they haven't yet heard my 2-3 lame jokes. (thumbs u