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well, i just got word that my copy of detective comics #6 (yes, #6) is on it's way to CGC! it was a 3.0. of course i'll have to wait until it gets back to me before i post pictures. signed by creig flessel, the cover artist.

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Alex, three comments:


(1)Holy mess! Luis Dominguez!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea he is still around. When will he be at another Con?


(2) Mr. Hedgehog, your Conan 24 is going down as the top graded SS. My 8.5 is finally up!

(At least I assume it is mine. I had one done back in June.)


(3) Any interest in moving that SVTU? :foryou:


1. Dominguez doesn't do a lot of shows, but he is still around.


2. Congrats on the Conan #24. :applause:


3. Nope, sorry. :foryou:

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