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You realize that I had the entire Epic Illustrated Line available (most for far less than $10) during most of the first 8 VCCs right? lol


(I have about 20 magazine boxes of Epic Illustrated.)





No. The last VCC was the first one I ever checked out.


And that's not shipped, right?

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FYI only... maybe I'll bring them back for the next VCC. hm


(I actually have more copies of #33 and #34.)

How on earth did I miss those in the last VCCs? :frustrated:


I need 6 issues to complete the run (#34 being one of them).





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I love Epic. I really, really do. It is, bar none, my favorite comic magazine series. I just wish I could find the copies I need in reasonable shape for less than $10/each.


Shipping is dangerous, and expensive, and no store locally stocks them. The search goes on!


Did they have low print runs? I've only recently picked up a few of the earlier issues but at some point will try and track down the rest.


Here's a quote from me on a two year old thread about Epic Illustrated...


"I've been a fan of the Epic Illustrated Mags since they first came out. I was in college at that time and found myself very receptive to reading offbeat stuff. I originally had the first 20 or so mags back in the day, but I sold them to a LCS in the late 1980s. So about a year ago I decided to go and get the run again....and just finished getting the whole set this past week thanks to sckao and the VCC.


Surprisingly, for me, the mag is still a fun read today. Outstanding covers and interesting and occasionaly oddball stories. The things that I learned in gathering the series is that you can wallpaper your house with #1 issues ; for me issues #20 and #30 to #34 were the hardest to find in decent condition.

Some sellers were ready to part with the mags for pennies on the dollar while a few understood the whole concept of "end of run" print runs and it took $10/$15 a pop to get those last issues"


Basically it is probably easier to get the #1 issue then the later ones. But then again things can change in two years. hm


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I have many high grade copies, loved the series. I had a few CGC'd and sold this one. A great and under valued series

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Anymore scans of pages?


Ive got the whole series in a digital archive. Was there something in particular you wanted to see?


No, just curious to see some of the artwork.

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Let's see some pics then (thumbs u


I don't have the Epic #1 signed by Frazetta (I donated my copy to the recipient), but lemme hunt around and see if I can find a picture of it.


(RMA hunts around a bit.....)


Ah, here it is:





(thumbs u . . . and to think it all stared out with Frazetta . . . bravo to RockMyAmadeus on uuh. . . donating this beauty!

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