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Claudio and I have had several XLNT transactions together and have compared notes on collecting since I came here...a true gentleman and stellar asset to the boards here! Have really enjoyed our discussions...hope to meet in person some day! :headbang:



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I don't think I have yet the pleasure of selling or buying from Claudio.


I have had the opportunity to attend a forum dinner that he had set up and would like to say that he is a great guy, who makes sure that everyone is pleased! If he does that for a dinner, I can only assume he would also pay great attention to his buying/selling of comics.


Thanks Claudio! I am looking forward to another successful dinner next month!


See you soon...


John (thumbs u

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Claudio sold and delivered with bomb-proof packaging:


ASM # 62, CGC VF+ 8.5

ASM # 70, CGC VF/NM 9.0

ASM # 100, VF+ 8.5.


Another great CGC Seller you can trust!


CAL who likes to add all CGC transactions on separate spreadsheet...

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