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Thanks, Troy. Here is backstory about this book. Clayton had never done Hulk for Marvel so he wasn't asked to do a book for the HERO Hulk 100 project. When I was at his booth at Emerald City three years ago, I was surprised to see a Hulk print he was selling. I thought it was really good and thought it was a shame that he didn't get to do a book for the Hulk HERO project. I spoke to Clayton about Hulk when we were brainstorming commission ideas a while back and he said that he had an idea for an amazing Hulk but he didn't say anything more than that.


Some time after that, there was a dealer on eBay auctioning off some unused HERO 100 blanks that he had received from HERO. I remembered discussing Hulk with Clayton and asked him if he would be interested in doing a Hulk if I could get him a HERO blank. He got a gleam in his eye. Every time I have seen that gleam, he has done something incredible. So, I made sure that I won that auction!


Here is the crazy thing. Clayton couldn't remember the amazing Hulk idea that he had hinted at to me years before. He still doesn't remember! So somewhere in the synapses of his unbelievable creative brain is a Hulk that is even better than this one :o


...and I have a blank waiting for the day that Clayton says, "Hey, I finally remembered my idea for Hulk. Do you want me to do it?"





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Man that is one of the most amazing sketches I have ever seen, up there with Mad-Dogz Finch oil. Man... I will have one of his acrylics before the year is over.

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