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Dwayne is a great guy to deal with. He's bought books from me twice and things went so smoothly due to his great communications and having a patient and easy-going approach to these things. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.


Many thumbs up for Dwayne!


(thumbs u (thumbs u (thumbs u (thumbs u

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I'm not a seller or dealer, so I haven't bought or sold anything to Dwayne. I'm just a guy who can tell by our many conversations together what kind of guy he is. Dwayne is a guy that you wish you could be, a stand up guy who has ethics,a person you can trust,just an all around great person.

Okay Dwayne I'm done hijacking your kudos thread, but felt the need to say this.


I'm proud to consider him my friend.

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Dwayne is a fabulous buyer on these boards. Easy to chat with, always fast with his payments, a terrific collector of comics. I'm happy to have met him through our transactions. Friends in the hobby, make the hobby so much better.


Thanks Dwayne for your latest buy, Nick Fury #1 CGC Universal 9.0 OW/W


(thumbs u

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