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Star Wars series

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Never noticed this before, but






(plus, this cover qualifies as the absolute worst 'likeness' covers of all time. Luke doesn't look like Luke; Chewy has facial-fur highlights(!); Han(?) Leia(?) etc, etc. Who ARE these people?! EXCEPT for C3PO who the artist has captured in all his limp-wristed glory.)



And lastly, Lando is wearing a frilly seventeenth century nobleman's outfit! WTF? And if you were a fur-covered Wookie, would you carry around someone waiving around something that's on fire? And someone please tell me why Chewy is carrying him around in the first place?



107 is one of the remaining issues I need to finish the run, but I refuse to pay the dumb price for it due to relative scarcity - its not that scarce - and its gotta be the UGLIEST cover ever. I just can't bring myslef to punt out 50-75 bucks for that train wreck. mad.gif


$50 for that POS?!? 27_laughing.gif I was thinking of getting one because that has to be the worst cover I have ever seen, but I like it for some reason. I think that for that kinda of coin though it will be a while before that hunk of [#@$%!!!] gets added to my collection.. 27_laughing.gif

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"btw, is your avatar the Office Space stapler? "



27_laughing.gif I had heard that Swingline really didn't start making those until AFTER the movie and people were asking specifically for them at Office supply stores


have u seen my stapler


I know this was mentioned a page ago.. but... there u are U 2 can now own the grail of staplers...


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I used to live in Lakeland. I really liked it in Florida. I have lived in the following states:








All that I have learned from living in these states is:


California: Nice weather, bad smog, bad drivers, wouldn't want to live there.

Kansas: Bad weather, no smog, bad drivers, wouldn't want to live there.

Missouri: eh...

Florida: Nice weather, really nice women, bad drivers would want to live there again.

Arkansas: double bleh.

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