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ASM #3 Club - The Doc Rocks!
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The Doc is offended. Clubs abound for lesser villains, yet we dare ignore the genius of one Otto Octavius? No more! Let us right the wrong and show the Dr. the respect he deserves!



MintyMint 9.6 OW/W PAGE 8 PHOTO


sartre 9.6 OW/W PAGE 9 PHOTO


aelelarkin 9.2 OW/W PAGE 2 PHOTO


passion4comics 9.2 OW/W PAGE 6 PHOTO


Peter Loves Gwen 9.0 OW/W PAGE 5 PHOTO


MusterMark 8.5 OW PAGE 1 PHOTO


edowens71 7.0 CR/OW PAGE 5 PHOTO


drbanner 6.5 W PAGE 1 PHOTO


pmpknface 6.0 OW PAGE 3 PHOTO


Jaydogrules 6.0 OW PAGE 6 PHOTO


*Bronze age fan* 4.0 OW/W PAGE 1 PHOTO


snowman28 4.0 LT/OW PAGE 2 PHOTO


J. Morrow 4.0 LT/OW PAGE 6 PHOTO


violentluke 3.5 CR/OW PAGE 3 PHOTO


Spyder! .5 CR/OW PAGE 10 PHOTO





Chris S. 6.0 OW/W PAGE 7 PHOTO


cryptics 4.0 OW/W PAGE 8 PHOTO


seredynskib 3.0 OW PAGE 2 PHOTO








Jordysnordy RAW x2 PAGE 3 PHOTO


tricolorbrian RAW PAGE 8 PHOTO


UncannyX-Force RAW PAGE 9 PHOTO


Ghost Rider RAW PAGE 9 PHOTO


retrothecollector RAW PAGE 10 PHOTO




My rag copy first.



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My favorite Spidey cover... :cloud9:




Sweet book! Thanks for sharing. :headbang:


Do you mind sharing the grade as well?



Did you clear this new club with Harvey? lol

I actually did check with Harvey to see if an ASM 3 club already existed before starting this one. (thumbs u

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I can't join the Club as I sold mine in 1990 but I love this book. This was the very first "old back issue" I ever purchased. At the time I figured it was as close as I could get to an AF 15 back in the late 70's Loved loved loved owning this book

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